Detoxing From Caffeine Safely – 5 Tips To Dodge Those Nasty Withdrawal Headaches and Fatigue

Caffeine is a common psychoactive substance that can benefit your body when taken wisely, increasing your alertness, concentration, and energy. However, when consumed in excess amounts, it can cause chronic headaches, insomnia, and anxiety, and your body also becomes unhealthily dependent on it. To safely detox from caffeine, slowly reduce consumption, drink more water, switch … Read more

Boost Your Fertility: 12 Must-Eat Foods & What to Avoid

A couple is feeding each other healthy food to boost their fertility rate.

There are natural ways to boost fertility for both men and women, and the best example is adding nutrient-dense food into your diet. Various essential nutrients for fertility include folate, iron, zinc, protein, fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for your overall health and increase your chances … Read more

Veggies: Armed with Defense Chemicals! (Are They Bad For You?)

A young man is shopping for veggies at the grocery store

Vegetables such as plants can’t protect themselves from being eaten, so by developing a defense mechanism by producing toxins, they prevent being eaten completely. While small insects and pests ward away as a result of these toxins, humans can still eat them but in moderate quantities. One needs to know how to prepare such plants … Read more

What Can A Diabetic Eat For Breakfast At McDonald’s?

What Can A Diabetic Eat For Breakfast At McDonald's?

For a diabetic person, it’s essential to know the calorie intake and the number of carbs present in a food item before consuming it because it can immediately make their blood sugar level go high. You can choose to have a fruit and yogurt parfait with an english muffin and a small coffee which counts … Read more

Can You Get Drunk Off Vanilla Extract?

Can You Get Drunk Off Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla extract is made of mature vanilla bean pods, water, and ethyl alcohol. The FDA states that it needs to have 35% of ethyl alcohol. When used in baking cakes or cookies, ethyl alcohol dries up even quicker than water, leaving no trace of alcohol in the end product. This makes baked goods safe to … Read more

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