Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red? (What Makes Poop Red & Other Causes For Concern)

Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red?

Foods that are naturally or artificially red can color your poo with a reddish pigment. Strawberries are a common culprit, along with other varieties of red fruits such as raspberries, watermelon, tomatoes, and cherries. It’s only natural, especially when you haven’t digested the whole portion of the fruits you ate. But, sometimes, a red poop … Read more

Can Dehydration Cause High B12 Levels? (What High Vitamin B12 Levels Mean)

Can Dehydration Cause High B12 Levels?

Your Vitamin B12 levels may spike up when you’re taking B12 supplements or eating chicken, meat, fish, eggs, milk, or other dairy products, and B12 fortified cereal. Dehydration won’t result in elevated B12 levels in your blood. But, it can cause mild to severe health problems like mild heat cramps, urinary tract infection (UTI), seizures, … Read more

Can Watermelon Make Your Poop Red? (Side Effects & Other Foods That Affect Your Stool)

Can Watermelon Make Your Poop Red?

Indeed, watermelon can add a reddish appearance to your poop when not 100% digested. While this may not be much to be concerned about, you should show restraint when other side-effects of overeating watermelon, like diarrhea, start to show up. Various other fruits like avocadoes and blueberries can impact your stool color too. However, if … Read more

Can I Take Cacao Powder For Depression & Uplifting My Mood?

Can I Take Cacao Powder For Depression & Uplifting My Mood?

Raw cacao powder extracted from cacao beans, which are different from your regular cocoa powder found in the aisles of your local supermarket, is known to reduce depression, anxiety and help lift a person’s mood due to its beneficial qualities. Raw cacao powder contains compounds like PEA (phenethylamine), which helps trigger endorphins and mood-enhancing chemicals … Read more

Is Old Bay Seasoning Making You Sick? (Possible Spice Allergy)

Is old bay seasoning making you sick

The owners of the Old Bay seasoning have yet to disclose their entire ingredient list due to proprietary reasons. They claim to have no allergens included or hidden in their list, and if any would be mentioned on the ingredient label when and if included. If old bay seasoning makes you sick, you could be … Read more

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