I Don’t Like Being Touched Anymore (For Young Adults & Couples)

I Don't Like Being Touched Anymore

As a young adult, your reason for not liking being touched anymore could include haphephobia, OCD, sensory processing disorder, asexuality, trauma or abuse, or not liking being touched outside of sex. As someone with a more permanent partner, your reasons could vary like postpartum depression, work stress, lost feelings, or touch equals sex. While most … Read more

Pulsating Vein Under My Eye! 7 Causes & How To Stop It

Pulsating Vein Under Eye

Pulsating vein, commonly known as eye twitching, is a normal health condition that can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease but are related to your current lifestyle. These eye spams are nothing to be worried about as they disappear on their own, just as they occur. Although focusing on its causes can reduce … Read more

I’m Hungry And Nauseous At The Same Time – What’s Going On?

I'm Hungry And Nauseous At The Same Time - What's Going On?

Hunger can lead to nausea as a result of acidic reflux. While eating might help you get over this, there are times when you’d face a loss of appetite along with nausea. Then it would be best if you primarily focused on relieving your nausea first. The most common remedy is ginger or dry foods. … Read more