Brain Shuts Down For A Second – Symptom Of Microsleep & Ways To Prevent It!

Brain Shuts Down For A Second

Experiencing a brain shut down can be scary for you don’t know what happened. It’s called microsleep, where your brain shuts down for a few seconds even if your eyes are closed due to sleep deprivation. This burst of sleep can end up harming you and those around you if it occurs in a dangerous … Read more

Can A Cold Mess Up A Blood Test?

Can A Cold Mess Up A Blood Test?

If aggravated, the common cold may affect your white blood cell count and render your blood test results inaccurate. Your blood test results can also be impacted by natural or artificial causes such as menstruation and alcohol consumption, respectively.  Your dos and don’ts before a blood test will largely depend on which kind of blood … Read more

Does Soda Stunt Your Growth? Side Effects Of Soda On Kids & Ways To Limit It!

Does Soda Stunt Your Growth?

Sodas contain caffeine and added artificial sugars, which impact a growing child in many ways. Drinking sodas over the recommended amount will cause your child various health issues, including diabetes, depletion of nutrients and vitamins, disturbed stomach balance, low bone density, and dental hygiene. In addition, caffeine in sodas can make your child addicted to … Read more

Why Do I Get A Fluttering Feeling Under My Right Breast?

Why Do I Get A Fluttering Feeling Under My Right Breast?

The fluttering feeling could be due to medication or liquid intake and varies from mild to severe symptoms. If you have no history of caffeine intake, alcohol intake, deficient diet, neurological disorder, or under medication, then this fluttering will be harmless and bound to disappear. But, if this is due to medication overdose or any … Read more

Pulsating Vein Under My Eye! 7 Causes & How To Stop It

Pulsating Vein Under Eye

Pulsating vein, commonly known as eye twitching, is a normal health condition that can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease but are related to your current lifestyle. These eye spams are nothing to be worried about as they disappear on their own, just as they occur. Although focusing on its causes can reduce … Read more