IBS And Coffee: The Do’s And Don’ts For A Happy Tummy And A Happy You

A woman with IBS is not feeling so well after drinking coffee

Coffee lovers might be able to enjoy this beverage depending on how severe their condition is and in which ways IBS affect their digestive system. If you’re facing a constipation-based IBS, you could still drink coffee in moderation. However, if it’s diarrhea-based, you have to limit the intake or eliminate it. Observe how much caffeine … Read more

Levothyroxine Makes Me Feel Awful – What To Do If Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working?

A woman is taking her Levothyroxine medicine to help with her hypothyroidism

Taking levothyroxine can take some time to make you feel better and show its effect. Initially, it might make you feel unsettled or weird, and you could experience mild side effects. But in about two months, the medication should take effect. Reasons for feeling awful could also include not getting enough dosage, your body producing … Read more

Veggies: Armed with Defense Chemicals! (Are They Bad For You?)

A young man is shopping for veggies at the grocery store

Vegetables such as plants can’t protect themselves from being eaten, so by developing a defense mechanism by producing toxins, they prevent being eaten completely. While small insects and pests ward away as a result of these toxins, humans can still eat them but in moderate quantities. One needs to know how to prepare such plants … Read more

Can You Leak Amniotic Fluid If Your Cervix Is Closed? (8 Possible Causes For Preterm PROM)

Can You Leak Amniotic Fluid If Your Cervix Is Closed?

An amniotic fluid release is clear and odorless to identify. It’s a continuous leak and will differ from other discharges during pregnancy. This usually starts to leak when a woman is about to go into labor, but if it does before that, it’s known as preterm PROM. This can be risky for the baby’s and … Read more

Why Does One Person Cause Me Anxiety? (5 Tips To Stop Letting Others Give You Anxiety)

Why Does One Person Cause Me Anxiety?

Sometimes people around us can unintentionally trigger our anxiety. Usually, it’s a person who doesn’t respect our boundaries, pressures us into certain things, or drains us emotionally. The first step is identifying this individual and recognizing what behaviors or actions trigger your anxiety. Talking to them openly and communicating your feelings can help them come … Read more

I Had A Heavy Period Then Found Out I Was Pregnant (6 Possible Causes For Bleeding)

I Had A Heavy Period Then Found Out I Was Pregnant (6 Possible Causes)

Studies show that 20-30 percent of women experience some bleeding during early pregnancy. In the case of a miscarriage, you witness heavy bleeding, intense cramping, and tissue passing through the vagina. Light vaginal bleeding can occur due to implantation, infection, and intercourse. In rare cases, it could be a subchorionic hematoma, ectopic pregnancy, or molar … Read more

Negative Pregnancy Test Turned Positive After Several Hours! What Are The Chances Of A False Negative?

Negative Pregnancy Test Turned Positive After Several Hours

Every pregnancy test comes with a time window for checking the result, which lasts for 10 minutes. After this window is gone, the urine starts to dry up, changing the test result, and an evaporation line appears, which can be mistaken for a positive line. An evaporation line will always be colorless, unlike a positive … Read more

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