Purple Foot After Cast Removal (Why It Happens & What You Can Do)

Purple Foot After Cast Removal

It’s normal to have discoloration on your foot after cast removal. Because you haven’t been moving it normally following your injury or surgery, your body will have difficulty circulating the blood to and from your feet. It will heal over time with regularly elevating your foot and applying a cold compress. In severe cases, a … Read more

Is It Normal To Wear Panty Liners Every Day? (7 Reasons You Might Need To)

Is It Normal To Wear Panty Liners Everyday?

Excess vaginal discharge prompts the need to wear panty liners. The excess discharge may be due to ovulation, arousal, menstrual aftermath, or bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. Proper vaginal hygiene helps keep infection rates low. A panty liner is a thin yet absorbent material that women often wear under their underwear. Panty liners help absorb … Read more

Bump On The Tragus With No Piercing (7 Major Causes & Cartilage Bumps)

Bump On The Tragus With No Piercing

Several causes may trigger a tragus bump with no piercing. Some of these include swollen lymph nodes, pimples, Lipoma, skin cysts, skin abscesses, Actinic Keratosis, and Seborrheic Keratosis. Do you know that your ear helps your brain determine if the sound originates from in front or behind you? This action is because the tragus directs … Read more

Adam’s Apple Off Center (Why Is One Side Bigger & Could It Be Cancer?)

Adam's Apple Off Center

The left and right sides of your body aren’t always proportionate and can slightly differ. While this could be the case in your Adam’s apple, you shouldn’t stop exploring other possibilities as well, particularly if you’re experiencing pain. Pain, and difficulties in breathing, speaking, and swallowing are most often associated with medical conditions such as … Read more

Are Air Purifiers A Waste of Money? (Pros & Cons Of The Different Types Of Air Purifiers)

Are Air Purifiers A Waste of Money?

An air purifier collects air, runs it through various filters within the device, and releases the freshly filtered air back for recirculation. While an air purifier can help minimize indoor air pollution and relieve allergies, it may also have drawbacks like noisiness and energy consumption. Therefore, air purifiers can be a waste of money if … Read more

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