Allergies & Allergy Medicine Before Surgery (Overview, Risks, & Importance Of Talking To Your Doctor)

Allergies & Allergy Medicine Before Surgery

Allergies and allergy medicine can impact the success of a surgical procedure. Individuals must talk to a doctor about their allergies and medications before surgery. This allows the doctor to thoroughly understand the patient’s medical history and current health status. The doctor may recommend stopping certain allergy medicines before surgery or may recommend alternative allergy … Read more

I Ate Junk Food My Whole Pregnancy – How Could Junk Foods Affect Your Baby?

I ate junk food my whole pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings can hit so bad, and it’s hard for pregnant mothers to resist junk food during this time. Constantly consuming junk food during your pregnancy can have various health issues such as unhealthy weight gain, fetal development issues, and increased risk for premature delivery. It can affect your unborn baby in various ways like … Read more

Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey (Treatment & Home Remedies)

Red Spot On Breast Looks Like Hickey

A red spot on your breast can stem from various causes, usually involving a rash, skin condition, infection, allergic reaction, or a bug bite. A red spot on your breast could also signify a rare type of cancer like inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), where the skin appears to be like an orange peel with redness … Read more

Is Old Bay Seasoning Making You Sick? (Possible Spice Allergy)

Is old bay seasoning making you sick

The owners of the Old Bay seasoning have yet to disclose their entire ingredient list due to proprietary reasons. They claim to have no allergens included or hidden in their list, and if any would be mentioned on the ingredient label when and if included. If old bay seasoning makes you sick, you could be … Read more

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth? Can I Crave Baby Powder?

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth?

If you have a baby powder taste in your mouth, it might be a possible result of poorly washed dishes and food, medications, brain injury, gum disease, allergy and infections, pregnancy, cancer treatment, or smoking. Some of these issues can be easily resolved by taking care of them yourself, and others might require medical help. … Read more

Arm Numb After Allergy Shot – Home Remedies & Treatment

Arm Numb After Allergy Shot - Home Remedies & Treatment

Arm numbness can be a less common symptom of an allergy shot and others like light swelling, inflammation, and pain. However, in some instances, you can be exposed to riskier and rarer side effects like hives and anaphylactic shock. In these situations, you’ll need immediate treatment through an epinephrine injection. Arm numbness, if not connected … Read more

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After I Brush My Teeth? How To Avoid Stomach Ache After Brushing!

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After I Brush My Teeth?

If your stomach hurts after brushing your teeth, it could be because you ingested some toothpaste irritating your stomach or you’re allergic to a particular toothpaste. While other small reasons could be that you drink some beverage before brushing, are pregnant, or have a strong gag reflex. Stomach ache is avoidable and treatable if you … Read more

My Skin Rubs Off After Shower – Is it Normal?

My Skin Rubs Off After Shower - Is it Normal?

Taking a bath not only cleanses your body and gives you that fresh feeling but also keeps your skin healthy. When you get out of the shower and notice your skin rubbing off, this could be a sign that it is renewing your dead skin cells. It’s normal since your skin needs new healthy cells … Read more

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