Eating Cornstarch While Pregnant (Risk Factors and Things To Know About Pica Syndrome)

Eating Cornstarch While Pregnant

Eating or craving raw cornstarch when pregnant is a symptom of pica disorder. It could be that you’re lacking essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Some pregnant women may also develop pica disorder due to their cultural beliefs. Raw cornstarch may be safe to consume in small amounts but can mess up … Read more

Can I Refuse A Pap Smear During Pregnancy? Is It Safe For A Pregnant Woman?

Can I refuse a pap smear during pregnancy

A Pap smear helps stay on the lookout for abnormal cells in the cervix that may later turn out cancerous. The risks of these cells to the developing fetus in pregnant women have not yet gotten proven. Since this procedure proves essential in all women, getting it done during pregnancy doesn’t put your pregnancy at … Read more

Xiphoid Process Sticking Out After Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy

The Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy causes pain, tightness, and pressure leading to a condition called Xiphodynia. Xiphodynia may result from traumatic experiences to the Xiphoid process, acid reflux, heart disease, weight gain, or weight lifting. All of these are common things to experience during pregnancy. After a diagnosis, pregnant women will be told … Read more

I Ate Junk Food My Whole Pregnancy – How Could Junk Foods Affect Your Baby?

I ate junk food my whole pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings can hit so bad, and it’s hard for pregnant mothers to resist junk food during this time. Constantly consuming junk food during your pregnancy can have various health issues such as unhealthy weight gain, fetal development issues, and increased risk for premature delivery. It can affect your unborn baby in various ways like … Read more

Bump On Stretch Mark – 5 Major Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Bump On Stretch Mark

A bump or bumps on your stretch marks could be due to several causes. Major causes for these skin bumps include boils, PUPPS, cysts, dermatofibromas, folliculitis, Lipomas, Keratosis Pilaris, and Neurofibromas. Each skin condition has different treatment options available based on its symptoms. Refer to your doctor for the correct diagnosis. When the skin stretches, the … Read more

Is Picot Safe During Pregnancy? (7 Antacids You Should Avoid During Pregnancy)

Is Picot Safe During Pregnancy?

Although taking antacids during pregnancy may be inevitable, we should do so with caution. Picot and Tums prove safe, while other OTC antacids containing magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum, and aspirin may not be safe. As a baby grows during pregnancy, it exerts pressure on the mother’s stomach. This pressure contributes to the development of heartburn … Read more

Can You Leak Amniotic Fluid If Your Cervix Is Closed? (8 Possible Causes For Preterm PROM)

Can You Leak Amniotic Fluid If Your Cervix Is Closed?

An amniotic fluid release is clear and odorless to identify. It’s a continuous leak and will differ from other discharges during pregnancy. This usually starts to leak when a woman is about to go into labor, but if it does before that, it’s known as preterm PROM. This can be risky for the baby’s and … Read more

I Had A Heavy Period Then Found Out I Was Pregnant (6 Possible Causes For Bleeding)

I Had A Heavy Period Then Found Out I Was Pregnant (6 Possible Causes)

Studies show that 20-30 percent of women experience some bleeding during early pregnancy. In the case of a miscarriage, you witness heavy bleeding, intense cramping, and tissue passing through the vagina. Light vaginal bleeding can occur due to implantation, infection, and intercourse. In rare cases, it could be a subchorionic hematoma, ectopic pregnancy, or molar … Read more

Why Is My Belly Soft During Pregnancy? (5+ Reasons Why Your Belly Is Soft & When It Gets Firm)

Why Is My Belly Soft During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is unique and is different for every woman. Soft bellies are normal, and some women might not even have firm bellies until later in their second trimester. Hormonal changes, weight gain/loss, and your body type are among some factors which might affect the feel of your belly. Pregnancy is usually associated with tight, firm … Read more

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