Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red? (What Makes Poop Red & Other Causes For Concern)

Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red?

Foods that are naturally or artificially red can color your poo with a reddish pigment. Strawberries are a common culprit, along with other varieties of red fruits such as raspberries, watermelon, tomatoes, and cherries. It’s only natural, especially when you haven’t digested the whole portion of the fruits you ate. But, sometimes, a red poop … Read more

Help! My Nose Piercing Bump Won’t Go Away (6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Piercing Bumps at Home)

My Nose Piercing Bump Won't Go Away

Bumps naturally grow due to the wound made by your nose piercing. It’ll heal within a few weeks or could take several months by regularly keeping the piercing site clean, applying a warm compress, and treating allergic reactions immediately. Medical treatments like applying calamine lotion, corticosteroid creams, or laser treatment may be necessary for bumps … Read more

Purple Foot After Cast Removal (Why It Happens & What You Can Do)

Purple Foot After Cast Removal

It’s normal to have discoloration on your foot after cast removal. Because you haven’t been moving it normally following your injury or surgery, your body will have difficulty circulating the blood to and from your feet. It will heal over time with regularly elevating your foot and applying a cold compress. In severe cases, a … Read more

Can Dehydration Cause High B12 Levels? (What High Vitamin B12 Levels Mean)

Can Dehydration Cause High B12 Levels?

Your Vitamin B12 levels may spike up when you’re taking B12 supplements or eating chicken, meat, fish, eggs, milk, or other dairy products, and B12 fortified cereal. Dehydration won’t result in elevated B12 levels in your blood. But, it can cause mild to severe health problems like mild heat cramps, urinary tract infection (UTI), seizures, … Read more

Can Adults Use Desitin for Yeast Infection? (Is It A Definite No?)

Can Adults Use Desitin for Yeast Infection?

Yes, adults can use Desitin to treat their diaper rash, mild skin irritations, and minor burns and scrapes, but it doesn’t contain any antifungal ingredients to fight yeast infection. It could at least relieve dryness, itching, and mild inflammation, but antifungal medications are mostly recommended for severe cases. Vusion, contains zinc oxide like Desitin, but … Read more

Does Calamine Lotion Expire? (What To Know About Expired Calamine Lotion)

Does Calamine Lotion Expire?

Yes, the expiration date must be attached to the bottle or on the packaging of the product. According to researchers, products containing zinc oxide (the main ingredient of calamine lotion) spoil easily once exposed to air. An unopened bottle of calamine lotion stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will have an … Read more

Random Spots Of Warm Sensations On Parts Of My Body (Possible Causes & Treatment)

Random Spots Of Warm Sensations On Parts Of My Body

Random spots of warm sensations on your body could signify an underlying health condition. It’ll be hard to pinpoint a specific disease with this one single symptom. Anxiety could be giving you these warm spots. Look out for other symptoms of radiating pain, numbness and weakness in the affected area, tingling sensation like “pins and … Read more

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