From Insomnia to Peaceful Sleep: 8 Tips for Managing Anxiety at Night and Getting a Better Sleep

A woman sitting on bed awake due to anxiety attack in the night.

Anxiety can easily take over your mind at night because you have fewer distractions. It can cause nightmares, panic attacks, night sweats, heart palpitations, chest pains, shallow breathing, and headaches. These symptoms make sleeping challenging, resulting in exhaustion, less productivity, and higher stress levels the following day. Performing coping strategies can help you manage your … Read more

Anxiety & Walking Weird: How Anxiety Affects Your Walking & 10 Ways To Cope

A young woman is sitting on the floor anxious about her anxiety and weird walking.

Anxiety causes weakness, tension, and sores in your leg muscles, which makes walking difficult. You’ll experience “jelly legs” when you try to move a step forward or even by standing up. Many factors contribute to it, including your worries and fears during an anxiety flare-up, the release of stress hormones impacting your body, and changes … Read more

Can Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Cause Dizziness? (12 Ways To Calm Down Symptoms)

A man is trying to work, but is feeling dizzy, a symptom from his thoracic outlet syndrome.

The common symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome include pain, tingling, and numbness of your neck, arms, shoulders, and hands. It also involves swelling, weakness like losing your grip, and abnormal changes in the color of your fingers. Due to compression, there’s a blood flow restriction to your brain, which causes headaches, vertigo, and other similar … Read more

Battling Diverticulitis Fatigue: Solutions (10 Possible Reasons & Home Remedies)

A woman is laying down as she feels major fatigue from her diverticulitis illness.

Your body quickly loses energy when fighting an illness caused by an infection like diverticulitis. Other possible reasons could be that you’re suffering from dehydration, lack of iron and sleep, depression, unhealthy weight, and food allergies. Others also could be because of your age, pregnancy, alcohol intake, and antibiotic treatment. Treating diverticulitis with medication and … Read more

I Accidentally Swallowed Nasal Spray (Nasal Spray “Addiction” and Poisoning)

A woman is using a nasal spray to help with her nasal congestion

Swallowing some medicine from your nasal spray the first time you use it shouldn’t cause serious harm. But, to children five years old and below, swallowing 1-2 mL of decongestant nasal spray could lead to fatally severe intoxication. Even in adults, some nasal sprays could put you at risk of harmful heart and mental complications … Read more

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