Eating Cornstarch While Pregnant (Risk Factors and Things To Know About Pica Syndrome)

Eating Cornstarch While Pregnant

Eating or craving raw cornstarch when pregnant is a symptom of pica disorder. It could be that you’re lacking essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Some pregnant women may also develop pica disorder due to their cultural beliefs. Raw cornstarch may be safe to consume in small amounts but can mess up … Read more

Why Does It Feel Like Paper Cuts Down There? (Is It An STD?)

Why Does It Feel Like Paper Cuts Down There?

Paper cut feeling down there could be caused by a yeast infection. On the other hand, it could occur because your immune system is weak or you’re taking antibiotics. Sometimes, it can be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) like genital herpes. Other possible reasons could be vaginal cuts and genital sores. Any … Read more

I Stopped Taking Levothyroxine And Lost Weight (Possible Reasons)

I Stopped Taking Levothyroxine And Lost Weight

One possible reason you’re not losing weight on levothyroxine is that you expect to see results immediately. It doesn’t happen within 3-5 days. It usually takes 12-24 weeks before you start seeing some results. Another thing is that your body might haven’t absorbed the medicine properly because you’re taking it at the wrong time or … Read more

BV And Miscarriages (Has Anyone Had A Miscarriage Due To BV?)

BV And Miscarriages

BV increases your risk of miscarriage when you suffer from the infection in the later weeks of your pregnancy. But, miscarriages during the first trimester aren’t usually caused by BV but are frequently due to chromosomal abnormalities that develop in the fetus. Treating BV as early as possible during pregnancy may reduce your chances of … Read more

What Is This Brown Vaginal Discharge After Inserting Vitamin C? (Vitamin C and Vaginal Health)

What Is This Brown Vaginal Discharge After Inserting Vitamin C?

Using vitamin C intravaginally could lower your risk of experiencing recurrent bacterial vaginosis symptoms. It can restore your vagina’s pH balance, regulating a healthy environment for helpful bacteria to thrive. It can also treat vaginal inflammation from your previous bouts of vaginal infection. Brown vaginal discharge after using it would usually go away when the … Read more

Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red? (What Makes Poop Red & Other Causes For Concern)

Can Strawberries Make Your Poop Red?

Foods that are naturally or artificially red can color your poo with a reddish pigment. Strawberries are a common culprit, along with other varieties of red fruits such as raspberries, watermelon, tomatoes, and cherries. It’s only natural, especially when you haven’t digested the whole portion of the fruits you ate. But, sometimes, a red poop … Read more

Help! My Nose Piercing Bump Won’t Go Away (6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Piercing Bumps at Home)

My Nose Piercing Bump Won't Go Away

Bumps naturally grow due to the wound made by your nose piercing. It’ll heal within a few weeks or could take several months by regularly keeping the piercing site clean, applying a warm compress, and treating allergic reactions immediately. Medical treatments like applying calamine lotion, corticosteroid creams, or laser treatment may be necessary for bumps … Read more

Purple Foot After Cast Removal (Why It Happens & What You Can Do)

Purple Foot After Cast Removal

It’s normal to have discoloration on your foot after cast removal. Because you haven’t been moving it normally following your injury or surgery, your body will have difficulty circulating the blood to and from your feet. It will heal over time with regularly elevating your foot and applying a cold compress. In severe cases, a … Read more

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