When To Test After Decidual Bleeding (4 Causes For Decidual bleeding)

When To Test After Decidual Bleeding

Decidual bleeding happens during the first trimester of pregnancy and may bring the timing and symptoms common to normal menses. Additionally, decidual bleeding does not deter the early signs of pregnancy. Some of the main causes of decidual may be hormonal changes, ectopic pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, and hormonal contraceptives, among others. Some pregnant women may … Read more

Can You Get Your Tooth Pulled While Pregnant? (Anesthesia, X-Ray & Post-Extraction Care)

Can You Get Your Tooth Pulled While Pregnant?

Getting your tooth extracted isn’t recommended during pregnancy. If the condition isn’t severe, waiting until after you give birth is more favorable. If the condition is serious, it should be prioritized regardless of the trimester. Dentists usually perform this dental activity in the second trimester keeping in mind the mother’s comfort and baby’s development. Getting … Read more

Does Lichen Sclerosus Smell? (Symptoms & Treating It With Changes In Your Diet)

Does Lichen Sclerosus Smell?

Those suffering from genital lichen sclerosus might experience a foul smell. Little research has been done on it as a symptom and how to treat it, but a change in diet to low-oxalate meals might reduce this symptom. A urine test can help determine the amount of oxalate in your body. Eliminate high-oxalate foods and … Read more

Does Calamine Lotion Expire? (What To Know About Expired Calamine Lotion)

Does Calamine Lotion Expire?

Yes, the expiration date must be attached to the bottle or on the packaging of the product. According to researchers, products containing zinc oxide (the main ingredient of calamine lotion) spoil easily once exposed to air. An unopened bottle of calamine lotion stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will have an … Read more