How To Manage Anxiety: From Intrusive Thoughts To Physical Symptoms

A young man feeling overwhlemed and anxious while working, unable to manage his anxiety issues.

Anxiety is a severe issue that has cognitive, behavioral, and physical manifestations. It could be due to changes in lifestyle, genetics, health issues, or exhaustive work pressure. There are different ways to manage anxiety including healthy eating, exercising, and adopting a lifestyle you enjoy. You can get therapy from professionals as well. Treat it before … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get Aspirin Out Of Your System?

How Long Does It Take To Get Aspirin Out Of Your System?

There are various ways, each taking a different response time, to get aspirin out of your system. The list includes dialysis, gastric lavage, alkaline diuresis, activated charcoal, physical exercise, medical therapies, and avoidance of salicylate-rich products, among many others. Aspirin usage also causes a deviation from normal platelet aggregation, which normalizes a few days after … Read more

Fear Of Going To Jail OCD (OCD & Harm OCD)

Fear Of Going To Jail OCD

You don’t have to panic about having an excessive fear of ending up in jail, as it’s a relatively common complaint made by people with OCD. However, with Harm OCD, obsessions can tend to be quite overwhelming as you’re constantly worried about inflicting harm on your loved ones or even random strangers, in which case … Read more

Does Wellness Music Work?

A young female is listening to wellness music on her wireless headphones

Scientists have proven that music is a universal experience to which all humans react similarly. Other studies have found that music causes a dopamine release in our brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for how we feel pleasure, think and plan. Music Therapy has been successfully used to help mental health patients reduce obsessive thoughts … Read more

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