Will My Stomach Be Flat After Fibroid Removal? (Types Of Fibroids & What Happens During Surgery)

Will My Stomach Be Flat After Fibroid Removal?

You will likely lose some weight, especially around the stomach, if you’ve had fibroid removal surgery. However, it does depend on the size and quantity of fibroids removed during the surgery. It’s also important to note that a healthy diet and exercise play a significant part in getting a flat stomach, especially since the surgery … Read more

Why Do I Suddenly Feel Sad And Cry For No Reason? (4 Possible Reasons & How To Feel Better)

Why Do I Suddenly Feel Sad And Cry For No Reason?

Sudden displays of sadness and emotion could mean many things, such as hormone imbalances, delayed processing of grief, and even depression. While crying in itself is perfectly healthy and normal, doing so with no idea why could point to an issue in your mental health. We all have certain triggers or things that can make … Read more

Pinprick Red Dots On Skin But I’m Not Itchy (Is It Petechiae & 11 Reasons Why It Happens)

Having small, red, pinprick dots on your skin is called Petechiae. Petechiae are tiny spots of blood caused due to bleeding underneath the surface of your skin. They do not cause bumps in your skin, and the colors can often vary from red to brown or even purple. And while they are often mistaken for … Read more

Adam’s Apple Off Center (Why Is One Side Bigger & Could It Be Cancer?)

Adam's Apple Off Center

The left and right sides of your body aren’t always proportionate and can slightly differ. While this could be the case in your Adam’s apple, you shouldn’t stop exploring other possibilities as well, particularly if you’re experiencing pain. Pain, and difficulties in breathing, speaking, and swallowing are most often associated with medical conditions such as … Read more

Are Air Purifiers A Waste of Money? (Pros & Cons Of The Different Types Of Air Purifiers)

Are Air Purifiers A Waste of Money?

An air purifier collects air, runs it through various filters within the device, and releases the freshly filtered air back for recirculation. While an air purifier can help minimize indoor air pollution and relieve allergies, it may also have drawbacks like noisiness and energy consumption. Therefore, air purifiers can be a waste of money if … Read more

5 Black Spots on Tongue Causes (Is It Normal & What Symptoms Can You Expect?)

Black Spots on Tongue Causes

Having an occasional black spot on your tongue that goes away with time is completely natural and harmless, as such spots can be caused by the foods and drinks we take in. Apart from such typical causes and tongue injuries, medical conditions can also create abnormal spots on your tongue, which can vary in color … Read more

Sulfur Burps and Gallbladder (5 Possible Underlying Conditions Causing Sulfur Burps)

Sulfur Burps and Gallbladder

While burps are caused by the collection of odorless gas, sulfur burps are stronger as it contains hydrogen sulfide gas which can be triggered by various factors, including your diet and pre-existing medical conditions. Various gallbladder complications such as gall stones and gallbladder attacks can lead to symptoms of excessive sulfur burps. Other health conditions … Read more

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