How To Manage Anxiety: From Intrusive Thoughts To Physical Symptoms

A young man feeling overwhlemed and anxious while working, unable to manage his anxiety issues.

Anxiety is a severe issue that has cognitive, behavioral, and physical manifestations. It could be due to changes in lifestyle, genetics, health issues, or exhaustive work pressure. There are different ways to manage anxiety including healthy eating, exercising, and adopting a lifestyle you enjoy. You can get therapy from professionals as well. Treat it before … Read more

From Insomnia to Peaceful Sleep: 8 Tips for Managing Anxiety at Night and Getting a Better Sleep

A woman sitting on bed awake due to anxiety attack in the night.

Anxiety can easily take over your mind at night because you have fewer distractions. It can cause nightmares, panic attacks, night sweats, heart palpitations, chest pains, shallow breathing, and headaches. These symptoms make sleeping challenging, resulting in exhaustion, less productivity, and higher stress levels the following day. Performing coping strategies can help you manage your … Read more

Insomnia During Early Pregnancy (Pregnant With A Boy Or Girl?)

Insomnia During Early Pregnancy

Having trouble falling and staying asleep during pregnancy is often due to hormonal changes. Other pregnancy symptoms, such as frequent bathroom breaks, late-night cravings and hunger, nausea and vomiting, and heartburn, may contribute to insomnia. Suffering from it during early pregnancy doesn’t indicate your baby’s biological sex. Some old myths, like cravings for salty and … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Trazodone Headache?

How To Get Rid Of Trazodone Headache?

Trazodone is an effective drug for depression but has many side effects like headaches. To prevent headaches, you need to be careful of the dosage of this medicine and when to take it in a day. Be careful not to overdose or take two pills in close intervals to prevent triggering headaches. Those with a … Read more

Phenibut vs Gaba – What You Need To Know

A young female considering her options between taking Phenibut or GABA.

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with anxiety, insomnia, or even depression, you’ve probably heard of Phenibut and Gaba. Both these drugs are very good at what they do, which is reducing anxiety, nervousness and replacing it with a calm feeling. And they’re both readily available via the internet, just a few clicks away, as a … Read more

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