BV And Miscarriages (Has Anyone Had A Miscarriage Due To BV?)

BV And Miscarriages

BV increases your risk of miscarriage when you suffer from the infection in the later weeks of your pregnancy. But, miscarriages during the first trimester aren’t usually caused by BV but are frequently due to chromosomal abnormalities that develop in the fetus. Treating BV as early as possible during pregnancy may reduce your chances of … Read more

What Is This Brown Vaginal Discharge After Inserting Vitamin C? (Vitamin C and Vaginal Health)

What Is This Brown Vaginal Discharge After Inserting Vitamin C?

Using vitamin C intravaginally could lower your risk of experiencing recurrent bacterial vaginosis symptoms. It can restore your vagina’s pH balance, regulating a healthy environment for helpful bacteria to thrive. It can also treat vaginal inflammation from your previous bouts of vaginal infection. Brown vaginal discharge after using it would usually go away when the … Read more

My Boyfriend Keeps Giving Me BV (Is He Cheating On Me?)

My Boyfriend Keeps Giving Me BV

Only very few studies show that men could spread BV to women. It’s not enough reason to say that your man is cheating. But, it could be that your boyfriend got BV-causing bacteria and transferred it to you. Still, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet because your lifestyle could play a significant factor here. Another … Read more

Vaginal Yeast Like Symptoms But Negative Test Results (Why It Happens & Possible Indications)

Vaginal Yeast Like Symptoms But Negative Test Results

Women often misdiagnose themselves with a yeast infection, while their symptoms might indicate something else. Yeast infection, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or an allergic reaction to a particular thing may have similar symptoms. It’s best to consult your OB-GYN when you suspect any symptoms resembling a yeast infection and avoid misdiagnosing … Read more

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