Feels Like Something Is Stuck In My Sinus Cavity – Why Is It Happening?

Feels Like Something Is Stuck In My Sinus Cavity - Why Is It Happening?

That weird and annoying feeling where you feel like something is blocking your airway. A small sneeze and all is back to normal. But if the irritation and the feeling that a huge lump is still lying at the back of your throat is still there, you become agitated. The cavity from our nose to … Read more

Coughing Up Clear Jelly Balls? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

A man is coughing up clear jelly balls, indicating that he has mucus build up.

If you’re coughing up clear jelly balls of clear mucus, there are several varied reasons for this excess mucus formation. Our lungs, mouth, throat, nose, intestine, and even our eyes produce mucus. For example, the nose produces about 1 liter of mucus every day. The throat and lungs also secrete mucus, keeping the airways hydrated, … Read more

Why Do I Have a Constant Urge to Take Deep Breaths?

COVID-19 survivors can face this problem for quite some time, but mostly this constant urge to take a deep breath is a sign of anxiety or air hunger. I wasn’t feeling anything close to stress, but the doctor ruled out the cause to be anxiety. I received some medications and advice on dealing with the … Read more

Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat?

Why Does My Nose Run When I Eat?

The Rhinitis that results from eating especially spicy food, hot foods, or sometimes smoking is called gustatory Rhinitis. The running nose in this condition starts after we have eaten something that triggers it. Once we have started eating, the symptoms set in, and our nose starts running in the middle of finishing the trigger food. … Read more

Pulsating Vein Under My Eye! 7 Causes & How To Stop It

Pulsating Vein Under Eye

Pulsating vein, commonly known as eye twitching, is a normal health condition that can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease but are related to your current lifestyle. These eye spams are nothing to be worried about as they disappear on their own, just as they occur. Although focusing on its causes can reduce … Read more

Why Do I Cough When I Eat Ice Cream? 6 Causes Behind Coughing

Why Do I Cough When I Eat Ice Cream? 6 Causes Behind Coughing

Reasons for coughing after having ice cream could be an allergy to any ingredient in it, reflux, bronchospasm, asthma, mucus hardening, or just plain old throat infection. Eating ice cream or drinking something cold could trigger a reflexive cough action. Finding out the reason can also be based on your medical, family, and social history. … Read more

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