Stabbing Pain After Gallbladder Removal – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

A young woman is in pain after gallbladder removal surgery.

Stabbing pain after gallbladder removal is a common issue caused by various factors such as post-operative inflammation, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, adhesions, nerve damage, or a hernia. It is essential to speak with your doctor to determine the specific cause of your pain and discuss the appropriate treatment options, including medications, physical therapy, … Read more

Problems After Gallbladder Removal Years Later (4 Possible Causes)

Problems After Gallbladder Removal Years Later

Problems that occur years after gallbladder removal can be caused by sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, post-surgical adhesion, biliary microlithiasis, and other trivial causes. The lesser causes include choledochal cysts, remaining gall stones, biliary injuries, and dysmotility. Attached to the liver exists a small sac-like structure used for storing bile known as the gallbladder and connected … Read more

Ball Foot Pain After Bunion Surgery

Ball Foot Pain After Bunion Surgery

Another common (but not normal) pain many patients complain about is the pain at the ball of their foot, this is sometimes called “transfer metatarsalgia” which is the movement of pain from the bunion (hallux valgus) to the area under the ball of the foot, an imbalance of weight through the toe joints. It is … Read more

Nothing Tastes Good After Gallbladder Surgery

Nothing Tastes Good After Gallbladder Surgery

Gall bladder assists in digestion, but in case of intricacies, it can be removed through surgery. After its removal digestion occurs through the small intestine, and due to dietary change, bile reflux (bile may get back into the stomach, which can create an irritation to the esophagus wall), post-operation infection, and drugs and medication you … Read more

I Had A Hysterectomy And My Nipples Hurt – Remedies For Tender Breasts

I Had A Hysterectomy And My Nipples Hurt

Different hysterectomies can result in going through the menopause or perimenopausal phase. Since there’s a fluctuation of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, having painful nipples is expected. It might be non-cyclic or cyclic breast pain. You can choose to implement various remedies to relieve tender breasts. This includes wearing the right bra, using a … Read more

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