Bed Feels Like Its Shaking When Lying Down

Bed Feels Like Its Shaking When Lying Down

Psychological diseases such as Parkinson’s and essential tremors could be a risky underlying cause for your bed-shaking feeling. Each disease has its own list of symptoms that differ from the other. While you can get a basic understanding by comparing the symptoms with what you’re experiencing, it’s advised to get a proper test carried out … Read more

Buzzing Or Vibrating Feeling In Chest (5 Possible Causes)

Buzzing Or Vibrating Feeling In Chest

A buzzing or vibrating sensation in your chest could be a sign of possible health concerns like anxiety, gallbladder issues, lung problems, or heart diseases. Though it’s not always a major cause for concern, it’s important to consult your doctor to rule out any potential issues. Addressing these underlying conditions, head-on will help you relieve … Read more

Rubber Band Feeling Around Ankle (What’s Causing It?)

Rubber Band Feeling Around Ankle

Rubber band feeling around ankles may be caused by many disorders. First, plantar fasciitis affects the band spread under our feet from heels to toes. Secondly, peripheral neuropathy may be a central nervous system disorder that can affect muscles even in the ankles. Thirdly, injury to the tendons around the ankles can cause inflation and … Read more

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