Breast Tenderness After Hysterectomy: What’s Going On?

A woman is massaging her left breast which is becoming tender and painful after her recent hysterectomy

Breast tenderness after a hysterectomy occurs when there’s a decline in the ovary or when the ovary is removed, resulting in a drastic hormonal change that leads to surgical menopause. There are treatment options to balance these hormones to improve and reduce the complications mentioned. Breast pain is linked to hysterectomy when ovaries are removed … Read more

Post-Hysterectomy: How Long Until You Can Exercise?

A young woman is showing her post-hysterectomy scar

How soon you start to exercise after a hysterectomy depends on your healing process after the hysterectomy. Everyone’s body is different. Some may take longer to heal, and some bounce back sooner. It is recommended to do the walking as you exercise first to not over-exert yourself. Follow the walking guidelines after a hysterectomy that … Read more

I Had A Hysterectomy And My Nipples Hurt – Remedies For Tender Breasts

I Had A Hysterectomy And My Nipples Hurt

Different hysterectomies can result in going through the menopause or perimenopausal phase. Since there’s a fluctuation of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, having painful nipples is expected. It might be non-cyclic or cyclic breast pain. You can choose to implement various remedies to relieve tender breasts. This includes wearing the right bra, using a … Read more

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