Cabbage Juice For Acid Reflux – Is It The Cure?

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Acid reflux, which refers to your stomach acids moving up your esophagus, can be a very uncomfortable and painful experience giving way to multiple possible symptoms. You could easily categorize and identify your gastric condition through very common symptoms like heartburn or by less common symptoms like bloating and nauseating feelings. 

Various studies have been presented that show the anti-inflammatory nutrition of cabbage juice and how it helps cure and prevent dangerous diseases like stomach ulcers and boost your overall immunity.

Making a cup of cabbage juice is quite simple if you follow the basic instructions and the tips given to you in fermenting and blending your cabbage-water concoction.

The humble cabbage is a rather versatile vegetable that can be ingested in many ways. You can eat it raw, or steam it or ferment it or even juice it down.

Either way, you can be sure that this veggie is packed with high-powered nutrients like Vitamin C and K, which will prove to be very helpful in combatting various diseases and conditions. 

What is acid reflux? How to know if you have acid reflux? Can cabbage juice cure acid reflux? What other healing powers do cabbages have? How do you make a proper cup of cabbage juice? Are there studies that prove the benefit of cabbage juice?

What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux happens when your sphincter muscle located at the lower edge of your esophagus starts relaxing at an improper time. This lets the highly acidic stomach liquid shoot up into your esophagus and cause various symptoms like heartburn.

While the rare occurrence of this situation is quite harmless, a repetitive state of acid reflux can eventually lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. Or in some instances, it might even cause gastric peptic ulcers.

This means that you’re going to need to treat your acid reflux at a very early stage with various simple homemade remedies like cabbage juice and not let the disease progress.

How to know if you have acid reflux? 

A woman is holding her chest after feeling pain in the area due to her acid reflux.

The best way to identify your acid reflux is to watch out for the symptoms. If you’re facing obvious symptoms, it’ll be easy for you to diagnose yourself, but other symptoms are not so common, and those are the ones that you’ll have to be cautious about.

Common SymptomsOther Probable Symptoms
Heartburn – You’ll feel a burning sensation in your chest.Bloody or Black stools – This could however point at other diseases as well.
Regurgitation – You’ll feel a strong bitter-sour taste suddenly shooting up your throat.Weight loss – This will be abrupt and happen for an unknown reason.
Burping – This can be repetitive and annoying.A certain hoarseness in your throat, wheezing, or even a dry cough is possible.
Nausea – This can even lead to vomiting if nausea sticks for too long.Bloating – Your stomach will feel bloated and start cramping up.

A 2018 study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine has also shown that many patients with GERD also complain of a feeling of a lump stuck at the back of the throat, known as “the globus sensation.”

Can cabbage juice cure acid reflux?

The simple answer to this question is “yes!”; cabbage juice most certainly is a reliable cure for acid reflux.

A 1949 study reveals 13 patients with a peptic ulcer, a disease that has progressed from acid reflux to deep large sores in the stomach lining being given fresh cabbage juice over some time.

Success is shown as an average healing time for seven of these patients was only 10.4 days, while the average time reported for all 62 patients was 37 days. 

So, if cabbage juice can cure a deeply progressed condition of acid reflux, it will definitely help you treat your acid reflux at the very early stages itself much faster and more effectively. 

When you need quick relief for the discomfort and pain that comes with gastritis, drinking a glass of cabbage juice or even carrot juice should do the trick. 

What other healing powers does cabbage juice have?

The benefits of drinking cabbage juice, as discovered so far, would surprise you.

  1. Fights off inflammation – Cabbage juice contains quite some compounds to combat inflammation such as the sulfur compound known as sulforaphane. A 2008 study also revealed that red cabbage juice has a cooling anti-inflammatory effect on spleen cells as well.
  2. Gut Health – Even traditionally cabbage juice is well known as a remedy for stomach ulcers. Even when fermented, the cabbage juice may benefit your overall gut health as fermented cabbages have a high quantity of lactic acid bacteria, known for gut health benefits.
  3. Heart Health – A 2003 study, has proved this factor by revealing that the one person in the study who had drunk cabbage juice possessed lower cholesterol levels than the other participants.
  4. Ups your immunity – The cabbage’s high vitamin C nutritional value supports your immunity to combat diseases and it also acts as a strong antioxidant. The red cabbage is also special as its red-plant pigment also offers an anthocyanin-rich juice which will help reduce your vulnerability to heart disease.

How to make a proper cup of cabbage juice?

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of cabbage juice and how it helps cure your acid reflux, the next best thing would be to show you how to make this cup of rich nutrients properly.

First, you’ll need to boil water in a pot for 30 minutes and dump the boiled water and cabbages into a blender.

For this, it’s always best to use a big blender since you can only fill it up to 2/3rd proportion to make sure it all blends perfectly.

Second, you can turn the speed to a low rate and blend the water and cabbage together. Within 1 to 2 minutes, you will notice that the water turns into a greenish color with chunks of cabbage still afloat. Then you will need to switch it up and blend it at high speed for only about 10 seconds.

Third, after the blending process, you need to pour the juice into a suitable jar leaving at least a 1-inch space between the top of the cabbage juice and the rim of the jar. 

Fourth, you need to seal the top of the jar with plastic wrap, but a jar lid would also work just fine as long as it is sealed shut tightly. Now leave the jar at room temperature for about 3 days or 72 hours, letting it ferment.

Fifth, place a mesh strainer over another empty jar and pour the liquid through the strainer into this new jar, and cap it. You can now put your jar into the refrigerator, cool it, and drink.


Whether your acid reflux is at a mild stage or a progressing state, or even at a fully progressed state of an ulcer, cabbage juice will prove to help treat your acid reflux and gradually curing you.

A small cup of cabbage juice daily before your bedtime would go all the way to strengthen your stomach lining. But, if you are completely new to fermented foods, it’ll always be safer to start up with simply a tablespoon, or you could even add it to sparkling water as a refreshment juice.

Either way, the ingredient itself has proven to have miraculous effects on your health system, and you will never go wrong with this nutritious cup.

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