Cabbage Juice For Acid Reflux – Is It The Cure?

Cabbage Juice For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, which refers to your stomach acids moving up your esophagus, can be a very uncomfortable and painful experience giving way to multiple possible symptoms. You could easily categorize and identify your gastric condition through very common symptoms like heartburn or by less common symptoms like bloating and nauseating feelings.  Various studies have been … Read more

Why Do You Get Cold After You Eat? (4 Possible Health Issues)

Why Do You Get Cold After You Eat? Vitamin Deficiency Or A Health Condition?

Though many factors contribute to drops in body temperature, the main reason for this phenomenon lies in dietary choices and—in the most extreme cases—medical conditions that influence metabolism and circulation. Even in these more serious situations, getting treatment early can help to decrease the frequency of these shivers and prevent you from developing any other … Read more

Why Do Bananas Give Me Heartburn?

Why Do Bananas Give Me Heartburn?

While heartburn via banana isn’t a common occurrence, you will have a bigger chance of getting heartburn if you eat a large amount of raw green bananas. This is because raw bananas consist of 25% starch, which is difficult for your body to digest. Other reasons can include GERD, acid reflux, and even a banana … Read more