Yellow Mustard For Acid Reflux – A Home Remedy To Try

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Yellow mustard is alkaline in nature which helps in neutralizing the excess acid produced in your stomach. Rich in minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients like turmeric, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids in overall digestion. It provides immediate relief and prevents the acid from coming back up. For a long-term solution, you can make yellow mustard a part of your daily life by including it in your daily diet.

If you’re someone who frequently experiences acid reflux, then popping tablets might be usual for you, but what if a home remedy can cure your acid reflux?

That burning sensation is something no one wants to experience again. Instead, it leaves you craving for cold water to calm down your esophagus and provide some much-needed relief to your stomach as well.

While for a long-term solution visiting your doctor and getting your reflux treated the right way is the only solution to get rid of it.

But if you’re looking for a temporary solution that doesn’t involve taking pills, then taking a spoonful of mustard might be a home remedy that can work for you!

Heartburn and acid reflux

Whenever you experience acid reflux, there are other side effects attached to this condition.

With acid reflux, you’ll experience a burning sensation in your esophagus since this is where the acid climbs up to and heartburn.  

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the area behind the breastbone. This is caused due to back-flow of acid up into the esophagus.

Yellow mustard for treating acid reflux

Mustard is an alkaline food item. Many people use this in food items to add flavor and texture, but it’s also used as a home remedy to cure acid reflux.

For some people, it even works more rapidly as compared to taking pills for acid reflux.

The response of alkalis with acids contributes to the neutralization of the acid. It will reduce its amount in your digestive tract. This then provides a person with immediate relief from acid reflux.

When it comes to a scientific-based study to assess the benefits of yellow mustard in reducing acid refluxes, the results also came out positive.

Yellow mustard reduces excess acid production in the stomach due to its vinegar content. It also neutralizes the acid present in the stomach due to its alkaline properties as well.  

Yellow mustard prevents the stomach from producing excess acid while improving the stomach ph balance. It has plenty of minerals and vitamins present in it that aids in overall digestion.

The vinegar is quite helpful, acting as a stimulant of saliva, which helps improve digestion and prevents the back-flow of acid from the stomach.

Yellow mustard ingredients

The ingredients in yellow mustard like vinegar, zinc, turmeric, iron, niacin, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids help digest food.

Turmeric is a very special ingredient as it has a history of working as an ayurvedic remedy and helps heal wounds or recover a sick person. Turmeric also assists in digesting your food.

Different ways to intake yellow mustard

Two cups of turmeric and milk drinks.

Using yellow mustard and making it a part of your food can help you in the long run. The ingredients in it will help calm down your acid reflux.

Yellow mustard also helps digest food by normalizing the flow of gastric juices that are crucial in digesting the food properly. As a result, your overall appetite will improve too.

There are different ways to increase the intake of yellow mustard in your diet:

  • Yellow mustard seeds can be converted into powder and added as a flavor to different food items.
  • Mustard powder, honey, and water can be mixed together to drink. Honey will make it taste better.
  • You can prepare a tea with mustard powder by adding it to the usual tea you consume.
  • People tend to take the mustard powder with buttermilk. Buttermilk in itself is an excellent product for your stomach and digestion as it also helps with inflammation.

Tip to remember when using yellow mustard

When consuming mustard in powder form added to a drink, you should avoid consuming anything else after it, at least for half an hour.

Let the mustard powder affect your esophagus and your stomach and digestive tract. Its properties will help heal and calm down the acid reflux.

While you’re taking utmost care of yourself by making yellow mustard a part of your lifestyle for better results, you should also consider changing a few things. Consuming spicy food should be avoided at all costs.

When sleeping, you should elevate your head 4-6 inches to prevent acid from flowing back into the esophagus.

Making some necessary lifestyle changes will help avoid acid reflux in the longer run. Drinking and smoking should be avoided entirely. A healthy food and exercise routine will help you immensely.

Remember not to wash down the effect of yellow mustard with any other drink or food after consuming it.


Is yellow mustard good for you?

Mustard is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. It has several health benefits, like providing relief to inflammation, muscular pain, and respiratory disorders. It helps in digesting food and works in providing relief to acid refluxes.

Is eating a lot of yellow mustard bad for you?

If your yellow mustard intake is regular in your diet and in average quantity, it has no reason to prove to be harmful to you in any way.

Unless and until you consume large amounts, yellow mustard is proven to be beneficial to an average person’s health. If taken in excess, it can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gut inflammation.

Is yellow mustard good for weight loss?

Yellow mustard can prove helpful in many ways, and one such way includes helping in weight loss.

It’s not a magic solution that will make you lose a lot of weight. Still, it has many health benefits, including aiding in digestion and others to help you lose weight.

To summarize

Acid reflux is a condition that 20% of Americans suffer from and can be mild or severe depending on person to person. While many people prefer to take pills for reducing their acid refluxes, others rely on home remedies. One such remedy that proves to be helpful is yellow mustard.

Yellow mustard helps relieve heartburn and proves to be helpful in the long run by including it in your daily diet.

Its healing properties with being rich in minerals and vitamins, act as an anti-inflammatory in your stomach. It can be concluded that it’s an excellent remedy to provide much-needed relief in acid reflux and the feeling of heartburn experienced afterward.

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