How To Sleep Better With Globus Sensation (Lifestyle Changes & Medications)

How To Sleep Better With Globus Sensation

To sleep better with globus sensation, you should keep your throat healthy by drinking plenty of fluids, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, quitting cigarettes, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Maintaining good vocal hygiene, such as not shouting and resting throat when you are sick, will keep the symptoms of globus sensation at bay. … Read more

Feels Like Something Stuck On Back Of My Tongue – Cobblestone Throat Or Globus Sensation? (Causes & Treatments)

Feels Like Something Stuck On Back Of My Tongue

If you feel something is stuck on the back of your tongue, it could be a globus sensation, or you have got a cobblestone throat. A cobblestone throat is when you have an irritated throat with visible bumps and lumps at the back caused due to irritation from extra mucus dripping down the back of … Read more

Cabbage Juice For Acid Reflux – Is It The Cure?

Cabbage Juice For Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, which refers to your stomach acids moving up your esophagus, can be a very uncomfortable and painful experience giving way to multiple possible symptoms. You could easily categorize and identify your gastric condition through very common symptoms like heartburn or by less common symptoms like bloating and nauseating feelings.  Various studies have been … Read more

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