Front Teeth Pressure Sensation (6 Potential Causes)

Front Teeth Pressure Sensation

Pressure sensations on your front teeth may happen due to hard and aggressive brushing of your teeth. You may also have undergone teeth whitening where the bleach has affected your teeth enamel. In addition, you may have sensitive teeth due to acidic foods and teeth grinding. Other reasons for the unusual sensations may be teeth … Read more

I Need Dental Work But Have No Money! (6 Different Ways For Affordable Dental Care)

I Need Dental Work But Have No Money

For those who want affordable dental work done, different ways might be helpful. Dental schools, public dental clinics, free dental clinics such as non-profit and donated services, pro bono cases, government dental coverage, and dental savings plan are some of the few affordable or accessible ways to get the required dental work done. Other ways … Read more

My Tooth Fell Out, But It’s Attached To My Braces (What Should I Do?)

My Tooth Fell Out, But It's Attached To My Braces

When placing braces, an orthodontist typically uses metal or ceramic brackets that are securely attached to the teeth using a special mixture of glue. If your tooth fell out, but it’s still attached to your braces, you should visit your orthodontist as soon as possible to remove the loose tooth. They may reattach the bracket … Read more

How Do You Know If You Pulled Out A Permanent Tooth?

How Do You Know If You Pulled Out A Permanent Tooth?

First of all, let’s be clear that your permanent or adult teeth are not growing back like your baby tooth. Second, you don’t pull out an adult tooth on your own because it’s going to be extremely painful, and it would probably damage parts of your gums. You want a dentist to do this for … Read more

Feeling Sick After Temporary Crown (Why It’s Happening & When To Call Dentist)

Feeling Sick After Temporary Crown

It’s normal to experience pain, discomfort, sensitivity for the first few days after a dental crown procedure. As you recover, the pain and inflammation linger for a few days, and should slowly subside over time. If the pain and discomfort associated with a temporary crown persist even after 2 weeks, you must return to your … Read more

The Dry Socket Packing In My Wisdom Tooth Fell Out! What Should I Do?

The Dry Socket Packing In My Wisdom Tooth Fell Out! What Should I Do?

It’s common for a patient to suffer from a dry socket soon after tooth extraction. The dry socket is accompanied by severe pain and foul breath. A dentist performs many treatments for a dry socket, and one of the common treatments is a “packing” that is smearing medication onto a piece of gauze or cotton, … Read more

Salty Taste After Tooth Extraction (Why It Happens & What To Do)

Salty Taste After Tooth Extraction

If you experience a salty taste in your mouth after a tooth extraction, it could be due to the placement of resin-based materials such as sealants, bonds, cement, or composites after a dental procedure. This bad salty taste should resolve on its own after a couple of rinses or after an hour. Secondly, if the … Read more

Does Soda Stunt Your Growth? Side Effects Of Soda On Kids & Ways To Limit It!

Does Soda Stunt Your Growth?

Sodas contain caffeine and added artificial sugars, which impact a growing child in many ways. Drinking sodas over the recommended amount will cause your child various health issues, including diabetes, depletion of nutrients and vitamins, disturbed stomach balance, low bone density, and dental hygiene. In addition, caffeine in sodas can make your child addicted to … Read more

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