My Tooth Fell Out, But It’s Attached To My Braces (What Should I Do?)

My Tooth Fell Out, But It's Attached To My Braces

When placing braces, an orthodontist typically uses metal or ceramic brackets that are securely attached to the teeth using a special mixture of glue. If your tooth fell out, but it’s still attached to your braces, you should visit your orthodontist as soon as possible to remove the loose tooth. They may reattach the bracket … Read more

Why Do Band-Aids Leave Scars? Ways To Prevent Scarring And Bandage Injuries

Why Do Band-Aids Leave Scars?

When small cuts and minor wounds happen, layers of the skin separate, triggering the body to block the wound opening and facilitate healing. Scars are part of the wound healing process but may worsen if wounds aren’t adequately treated. In addition, the skin that is in contact with these bandages can also be wounded superficially … Read more

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