Hit My Temple On The Corner Of A Table (First Aid Tips & What Not To Do After Temple Injury)

Hit My Temple On The Corner Of A Table

Before giving first aid to a person who has banged their temple on a hard surface, you must observe their breathing patterns and the amount of bleeding emitting from the wound. In certain instances, you may have to provide CPR if the victim’s breathing is restricted, and in no instance should you shake the person. … Read more

Feeling Weak And Shaky During Period (Symptoms & Things You Can Do To Remedy Period Pain)

Feeling Weak And Shaky During Period

There could be a lot of uncomfortable symptoms when you are on your period, including lower back pain, cramps, headache, bloating, sore breasts, mood swings, and irritability. Some might also experience fatigue or even feel weak or shaky. Weakness during menstruation is usually caused by the loss of fluid and blood during your period, which … Read more

Headaches And Foggy Feeling In Head? (Possible Causes & Treatment)

Headaches And Foggy Feeling In Head

Having headaches and experiencing brain fog are symptoms of an underlying medical issue. While both occur separately to indicate a problem, they might also happen simultaneously. If you’re experiencing headaches and foggy feelings in your head, the possible causes would include migraine, sleep deprivation, brain tumor, concussion, stress, anxiety, or depression. Treatment differs based on … Read more

Why Does The Back Of My Head Feel Hot?

Why Does The Back Of My Head Feel Hot?

There could be several reasons why the back of your head would feel hot. Some examples include the weather, multiple layers of clothes, doing physical activities with extreme movements, medical conditions, eating spicy foods, or dehydration. There are other symptoms that come with the headache, and that’s how you can determine why you’re feeling hot … Read more

Is Old Bay Seasoning Making You Sick? (Possible Spice Allergy)

Is old bay seasoning making you sick

The owners of the Old Bay seasoning have yet to disclose their entire ingredient list due to proprietary reasons. They claim to have no allergens included or hidden in their list, and if any would be mentioned on the ingredient label when and if included. If old bay seasoning makes you sick, you could be … Read more

Water Dripping From Nose When Bending Over – A Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak

Water Dripping From Nose When Bending Over

Water dripping out of your nose when bending over that has been going on for a long time accompanied by a severe headache could be a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak. A CSF leak is watery and mostly colorless to identify and can be caused by a severe head injury or a previous head surgery. After … Read more

My Head Feels Like It’s Going To Explode (Exploding Head Syndrome?)

My Head Feels Like It's Going To Explode

Mild headaches are caused by tension or by exhaustive routines. But the sharp headache that gives you a feel like your head is going to explode indicates the intense health problem you might be going through. Severe health conditions like head injury, tumor, brain aneurysm, tension, or migraine can be the reason behind your intense … Read more

What Causes Strep Throat To Reoccur? Reasons & How To Prevent It!

What Causes Strep Throat To Reoccur? Reasons & How To Prevent It!

Strep can reoccur due to various reasons like having a dormant bacterium, ineffective antibiotics, laziness to finish the entire prescription, toothbrush hazard, and not taking proper care of your surroundings. Being a very infectious and airborne disease is a common cause of the reoccurrence. Following your doctor’s prescription to the end and taking a bit … Read more

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