Why Do I Get A Fluttering Feeling Under My Right Breast?

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The fluttering feeling could be due to medication or liquid intake and varies from mild to severe symptoms. If you have no history of caffeine intake, alcohol intake, deficient diet, neurological disorder, or under medication, then this fluttering will be harmless and bound to disappear. But, if this is due to medication overdose or any other reason and is severe, you should see your doctor.

After recently returning from a holiday vacation in Italy, I developed a constant fluttering under my right breast. At first, I tried to ignore it, but it became even more persistent and caused me much worry. I was afraid it could be a symptom of a more serious underlying health problem.

I called my doctor and explained my situation, and he informed me that in most cases, the fluttering under the right breast are muscle spasms and may be harmless, sooner or later disappearing. Nonetheless, I made an appointment the next day for a proper in-person checkup.

After a medical examination the next day, the test results and scans showed no signs of any underlying condition. The doctor ruled out that they were just common muscle spasms. Spasms have many causes, but the frequent usage of caffeine and alcohol during my vacation in Italy.

Have you at any time had this uncomfortable fluttering under your right breast and wondered what it could be? Continue reading this article to know more about its causes.

Causes of fluttering under your right breast

There may be several things that can make us experience this uncomfortable feeling. Let’s discuss the causes of fluttering under the right breast below.

1. Idiopathic

Idiopathic diseases have unknown causes, and they may lack an apparent spontaneous origin. So it may be possible that anytime you may experience this fluttering under the right breast, it has no evident cause and, luckily enough, equally harmless.

A fluttering of such a kind makes any person very uncomfortable, but they don’t last long and eventually disappear.

2. Increased caffeine intake

A young man is drinking a lot more coffee than usual to help him stay up while working.

Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant, and it may be the most abused and uncontrolled drug around the globe. This substance may get generally used by almost everybody, although in varied forms. Whether it’s for getting a better meditation or young kids abusing energy drinks, caffeine is a dominant stimulant in our world.

You may have realized that you reach a certain degree of delight after a cup of tea or coffee. This change will be registered sometimes by muscles fibers across our body.

The resultant relaxation and contraction can cause fluttering in any part of the body, including under the right breast.

3. Increased alcohol intake

Increased usage of alcohol may flutter under the right breast in two ways.

Alcohol intake dramatically affects our central nervous system. This interconnected nerves and nerve endings system receives stimuli from our immediate environment and sends responses to the affected areas.

Muscles are some of the organs that the nervous system sends these reactions to. When we increase our alcohol intake, our nervous system sometimes perceives unrealistic stimuli. These responses may cause fluttering of muscles, possibly even under the right breast.

Alcohol has diuretic and vasodilatation properties in the body. Therefore when we drink a lot of liquor, our rate of dehydration is very high.

This dehydration poses a significant risk to all muscles in the body due to fluid loss. This alcohol may result in contractions and fluttering of the muscular part under the right breast.

4. Deficiency in diet and nutrients

Several types of diets and nutrients may get responsible for the proper functionality of our muscles and nervous system. When we lack these essential dietary factors, our muscular and nervous systems may respond to fluttering under the right breast.

The following tables discuss some of the nutrients whose deficiency can cause this fluttering:

MineralsCalcium deficiency may be associated with muscle twitching and spasms.
Vitamin DThis vitamin deficiency causes low calcium levels.
Vitamin B6This vitamin deficiency causes muscle cramps in alcoholics who don’t take a balanced diet.
Vitamin B12This vitamin deficiency causes muscle weakness.

Some neurological diseases may cause fluttering under the right breast

Neurological diseases sometimes make us feel this fluttering since they affect both the nervous system and the muscles. 

Some of them we have briefly mentioned in the table below.

Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisThis condition occurs as a disorder where the nerve cell responsible for controlling voluntary muscles degenerates.
Muscular DystrophyEventual degeneration of muscles may get registered as cramps in the earlier stages.
MyopathyThe general medical term for weak muscles.

Some medications can cause fluttering under the right breast

Some types of medications that we use interact with the central nervous system. These medications may at times cause involuntary muscle contractions in places such as under the right breast.

These muscle contractions wear off as the medicines do in mild cases, such as the typical side effects. In extreme cases such as over-dosing, you may require immediate and specialized medical attention.

The table below summarizes the causes of fluttering under the right breast.

 Causes of fluttering under right breast
1Idiopathic diseases
2Caffeine usage
3Excessive alcohol intake
4Some neurological disorders
5Deficiency in diet and nutrients
6Some medications


What is the fluttering under my breast bone?

This condition happens when a nerve is not functioning correctly, or it may not be properly structured. The medical term for this will be neuralgia.

It may be due to diabetes, trauma, nutrients and diet deficiency, alcohol usage, and exposure to toxins.

What causes chest flutters?

Chest flutters get caused by the involuntary contractions of muscles in the chest which may be idiopathic and harmless. In other cases, they may be due to neurological diseases, dietary deficiency, alcohol, caffeine, and some medications.

How do I stop the diaphragm from fluttering?

The muscle that divides our abdomen and chest cavities forms the diaphragm. Its fluttering may be an involuntary contraction and will get stopped through controlled breathing.

Why are my stomach muscles fluttering?

Starvation may cause the stomach muscles to flutter. This fluttering happens because we have natural enzymes in the stomach that help digest food.

Once you have no food in the stomach, these enzymes may harm the wall resulting in abdominal fluttering.


So is fluttering under the right breast cause for alarm? The answer to this question may vary considerably depending on the possible causes I have discussed.

Even so, it is proper to take an appropriate medical exam if the fluttering persists. Lastly, you need to see a doctor if the fluttering may be due to an extreme situation such as a medication overdose or a reaction to a particular medication.

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