Pinprick Red Dots On Skin But I’m Not Itchy (Is It Petechiae & 11 Reasons Why It Happens)

Having small, red, pinprick dots on your skin is called Petechiae. Petechiae are tiny spots of blood caused due to bleeding underneath the surface of your skin. They do not cause bumps in your skin, and the colors can often vary from red to brown or even purple. And while they are often mistaken for … Read more

Bruising From Blood Pressure Cuff (What Causes It & What To Watch Out For)

Bruising From Blood Pressure Cuff

The bruises from blood pressure cuffs may be caused by the wrong size of the blood pressure cuff or the fact that whoever strapped it on you did it incorrectly. Remember to watch out for the folding and pinching of your skin under the cuff during fastening. Acute radial nerve injury could be another possible … Read more

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