Brown Specks in Phlegm After Quitting Smoking

Brown Specks In Phlegm After Quitting Smoking

It’s completely fine to notice brown specks in your phlegm within a few weeks of quitting smoking since it involves a natural clean-up process initiated in your body to detoxify. You can help yourself through this process by drinking lots of water and other warm beverages. Home remedies like sipping a bit of honey and … Read more

Why Do I Get Phlegm After Laughing? (Is It Asthma?)

Why Do I Get Phlegm After Laughing? (Is It Asthma?)

Laughing too hard will cause droplets of your saliva to enter your windpipe. Your body may confuse these droplets as a potential threat or infection causing a cough reflex. Generally, your body produces phlegm that fights any foreign substance that may enter your respiratory system, and coughing is a way to eliminate it. In some … Read more

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