Arm Numb After Allergy Shot – Home Remedies & Treatment

Arm Numb After Allergy Shot - Home Remedies & Treatment

Arm numbness can be a less common symptom of an allergy shot and others like light swelling, inflammation, and pain. However, in some instances, you can be exposed to riskier and rarer side effects like hives and anaphylactic shock. In these situations, you’ll need immediate treatment through an epinephrine injection. Arm numbness, if not connected … Read more

Cold Feet After Knee Surgery – Causes And Prevention

Cold Feet After Knee Surgery

If you’re experiencing your feet getting cold after getting your knee surgery, then it could be caused by poor blood circulation or nerve damage. Experiencing cold feet is a complication that might develop after getting knee surgery. You can prevent getting cold feet by following your doctor’s advice and taking your recovery period seriously, including … Read more

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