Levothyroxine Makes Me Feel Awful – What To Do If Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working?

A woman is taking her Levothyroxine medicine to help with her hypothyroidism

Taking levothyroxine can take some time to make you feel better and show its effect. Initially, it might make you feel unsettled or weird, and you could experience mild side effects. But in about two months, the medication should take effect. Reasons for feeling awful could also include not getting enough dosage, your body producing … Read more

I Stopped Taking Levothyroxine And Lost Weight (Possible Reasons)

I Stopped Taking Levothyroxine And Lost Weight

One possible reason you’re not losing weight on levothyroxine is that you expect to see results immediately. It doesn’t happen within 3-5 days. It usually takes 12-24 weeks before you start seeing some results. Another thing is that your body might haven’t absorbed the medicine properly because you’re taking it at the wrong time or … Read more

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