Xiphoid Process Sticking Out After Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy

The Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy causes pain, tightness, and pressure leading to a condition called Xiphodynia. Xiphodynia may result from traumatic experiences to the Xiphoid process, acid reflux, heart disease, weight gain, or weight lifting. All of these are common things to experience during pregnancy. After a diagnosis, pregnant women will be told … Read more

Buzzing Or Vibrating Feeling In Chest (5 Possible Causes)

Buzzing Or Vibrating Feeling In Chest

If you get this buzzing or vibrating feeling in your chest a lot, you could be suffering some health conditions. The likely conditions that you may be exhibiting include nervous system health conditions, anxiety, gallbladder issues, lung collapse, and heart diseases. It would help if you visited your healthcare provider and were diagnosed for better … Read more

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