Why Do You Get Cold After You Eat? (4 Possible Health Issues)

Why Do You Get Cold After You Eat? Vitamin Deficiency Or A Health Condition?

Though many factors contribute to drops in body temperature, the main reason for this phenomenon lies in dietary choices and—in the most extreme cases—medical conditions that influence metabolism and circulation. Even in these more serious situations, getting treatment early can help to decrease the frequency of these shivers and prevent you from developing any other … Read more

Why Does My Water Taste Sweet?

Why Does My Water Taste Sweet?

Usually, water has a natural taste due to the minerals in it. When we get an excess of these minerals in our water, it results in that sweet taste. Possibly health issues (like diabetes or carbohydrate deficiency) can also be the cause behind your water sweetness. For the past few weeks, my water seemed to … Read more

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