Allergies & Allergy Medicine Before Surgery (Overview, Risks, & Importance Of Talking To Your Doctor)

Allergies & Allergy Medicine Before Surgery

Allergies and allergy medicine can impact the success of a surgical procedure. Individuals must talk to a doctor about their allergies and medications before surgery. This allows the doctor to thoroughly understand the patient’s medical history and current health status. The doctor may recommend stopping certain allergy medicines before surgery or may recommend alternative allergy … Read more

Can Anxiety Cause High D Dimer? (Other Conditions Responsible)

can anxiety cause high d dimer

D-dimer levels may go high or low. On their high end, you may suffer thrombosis, which proves fatal if untreated. Many causes, including anxiety, medication, pregnancy, cancer, or medication, may cause elevated D-dimer. When a person is suffering from anxiety, they go through various issues, not just mentally but also physically. While it does affect … Read more

Why Does My Left Eye Sees Darker Than Right Eye?

left eye sees darker than right

If you notice that the left eye is seeing darker than the right, it could indicate an eye problem’s emergence. Most eye conditions result from cataracts, glaucoma, optic neuritis, retinal detachment, or an eye stroke. It could also be an age-related factor. Instead of waiting for your eyes to improve, seeking an ophthalmologist’s advice immediately … Read more

Can I Refuse A Pap Smear During Pregnancy? Is It Safe For A Pregnant Woman?

Can I refuse a pap smear during pregnancy

A Pap smear helps stay on the lookout for abnormal cells in the cervix that may later turn out cancerous. The risks of these cells to the developing fetus in pregnant women have not yet gotten proven. Since this procedure proves essential in all women, getting it done during pregnancy doesn’t put your pregnancy at … Read more

Xiphoid Process Sticking Out After Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy

The Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy causes pain, tightness, and pressure leading to a condition called Xiphodynia. Xiphodynia may result from traumatic experiences to the Xiphoid process, acid reflux, heart disease, weight gain, or weight lifting. All of these are common things to experience during pregnancy. After a diagnosis, pregnant women will be told … Read more

Bump On Stretch Mark – 5 Major Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Bump On Stretch Mark

A bump or bumps on your stretch marks could be due to several causes. Major causes for these skin bumps include boils, PUPPS, cysts, dermatofibromas, folliculitis, Lipomas, Keratosis Pilaris, and Neurofibromas. Each skin condition has different treatment options available based on its symptoms. Refer to your doctor for the correct diagnosis. When the skin stretches, the … Read more

Is Picot Safe During Pregnancy? (7 Antacids You Should Avoid During Pregnancy)

Is Picot Safe During Pregnancy?

Although taking antacids during pregnancy may be inevitable, we should do so with caution. Picot and Tums prove safe, while other OTC antacids containing magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum, and aspirin may not be safe. As a baby grows during pregnancy, it exerts pressure on the mother’s stomach. This pressure contributes to the development of heartburn … Read more

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