Why Do I Clog The Toilet Every Time I Poop? (Eating Too Much Or Constipation?)

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A poop that clogs the toilet might be common if you’ve overeaten food. If not so, you could be constipated. Eating high-fiber food and drinking plenty of water regularly helps ease this problem. If this does not work, you could be suffering from megacolon or encopresis in young children.

Have you noticed that you let out big poop that often clogs the toilet when you go to the toilet?

The big poop happens to be so big that it may fail to flush, and it may sometimes cause plumbing issues. You don’t want your toilet clogging every time you poop.

This hardening of poop may occur due to constipation. When the bowel movement gets interfered with, it may accumulate and stay for some days. Finally, when it comes out, it gets big and hard and may leave your anal canal painful.

It may sometimes even bleed, and doctors relate this phenomenon to the development of hemorrhoids. So, if you have this issue, or any of your family members has this issue, this article will be of great help.

So, what causes the poop to be hard and big in the first place?

Typically, you should pass an average-sized stool that resembles a sausage or corn in shape.

No matter the duration you pass out stool, averagely shaped and sized stool presents no difficulty in passing it.

But when the stool starts to delay and finally comes in larger and harder amounts, you might get concerned. If this starts happening often, you might need to take some action.

Large poop that comes out hard may present other symptoms like:

  • It sometimes fills up the toilet bowl
  • It often clogs the toilet
  • Hard to pass and may leave you with some busted and bleeding capillaries
  • It May look like hard marble
  • Leaves with the urge to stay in the toilet longer since it keeps coming

We place some causes to this scenario to try and evaluate what might be causing your poop to clog the toilet every time you poop.

It could be due to…

1. Large food intake

A group of friends are sitting down for a big meal together

Sometimes when we overeat food, the poop increases in size. If the food contains little or no fiber, it may turn out hard even after drinking sufficient water.

This phenomenon will lead to large poop sizes, which may be hard to pass and often clog the toilet.

If this was the cause of your discomfort, then it will usually disappear once you take food rich in fiber and will not be a cause for concern.

2. It could be constipation

Constipation occurs when your stool moves very slowly down the intestines.

This way, you develop stool buildup, and you may end up not emptying your rectum fully. It may happen due to low fiber intake and little water, leading to hardened stool.

Other symptoms of constipation include:

  • Only a few bowel movements up to 2 or less a week
  • Straining during stool passage
  • Passing very hard stool
  • Stomach pain
  • Blotting
  • Lower abdomen cramping
  • The feeling that you didn’t pass out all stool

How to treat constipation

If you have a hard stool that often clogs the toilet due to constipation, your doctor will help you treat this condition.

Laxatives may help ease constipation, and sometimes, you may get advice on using enemas.

However, you should use these drugs at a minimum and maximize personal lifestyle-changes inputs like:

  • Taking sufficient fiber in your diet
  • Review the foods and drinks you’re intaking now for possible concern
  • Staying hydrated
  • Not delaying passing stoop after you have felt the urge to do so
  • Use lubricants like oil to soften the stool
  • Keep your knees raised when pooping to ensure you pass out all stool
  • Check on any medications you might be on as some may cause constipation

3. You could have developed a megacolon

A woman is holding a cardboard diagram of the large intestine in front of her

Megacolon means the stretching of the large intestine.

If you have had inflammatory bowel disease, a megacolon might result. The stretched colon holds more poop which may harden as days pass by.

Finally, it comes out big and hard, clogging your toilet when passing the stool.

If you have a history of inflammatory bowel disease and notice the hardening of stool, consult your doctor for further treatment.

4. It could be encopresis

If your child is the one passing out hardened stool, it could be encopresis.

This condition happens when the child has had severe constipation for some time. Frequent constipation interferes with the child’s urge to sense when they need to pass stool.

Consequently, the stool builds up, and when they finally pass the hard stool, it clogs the toilet.

Sometimes they will pass stool on themselves, and when you try flushing it down the toilet, it blocks.

You should also visit a pediatrician and have them help treat constipation.

Now that we have seen some major causes of poop that often clogs your toilet, what next. You should adopt a lifestyle that helps your bowel movement create frequent passing of stool.

Lifestyle changes that help prevent poop from clogging the toilet

  1. Take foods with high fiber content. Fiber assists in navigating poop down the intestines, and you will have frequent and softer bowel movements.
  2. It will help if you become more active. Physical exercises help your bowel movements as it does to other body functions.
  3. Eat your meals in short form. It would be best if you adopted small food portion eating habits. Then, the digestion process will break down into smaller cycles, and passing poop will no longer be a struggle.
  4. Make your toilet visits consistent. Don’t wait to pass a stool after a long time. Instead, visit the toilet often, and you may dispense smaller poops that don’t clog the toilet.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water helps in digestion and the smooth flow of stool down the digestive tract. So if you drink more water, it will help soften your stool and make you feel better.


Will the toilet poop unclog itself?

Mostly, homemade concoctions help soften the poop making it easy to flush.

For instance, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar works wonders.

Also, hot water will help soften the clog making it easy to flush.

What dissolves poop faster?

Hot water, vinegar, and baking soda give the perfect mixture to dissolve poop that clogs the toilet.

Why does my poop clog the toilet every time I poop?

It could be because you have meals with low fiber content and water.

Also, sometimes constipation leads to the passing of hardened stool.


No one enjoys having a clogged toilet due to passing poop. It becomes embarrassing, especially if it happens when visiting someone. It may cause stress and anxiety too.

To avoid this issue, you need to understand what could be causing your poop to harden and delay coming out.

The delay causes the big stools due to pile up in the colon.

Therefore, we advise that you check in with a doctor to rule out the cause and adopt a healthy lifestyle to normalize your bowel movements.

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