What Do Home Health Nurses Do? – Everything You Need To Know

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Home health care is one of the leading industries in all countries. Being a home health nurse is an ideal job for many people in this world.

A home nurse takes care of patients of all ages at their homes by providing excellent medical care.

These nurses provide topnotch quality care to their patients at the homes by planning efficiently. Providing multidimensional home care to the patients is the core aim of these home nurses. The care plans of the nurses at home are based on three important actions for the patients. They are rehabilitative, therapeutic, and preventive plans for the patients’ medical care.

In simple words, a home health nurse is a person who takes care of patients in the house due to their medical issues.

These nurses are assigned by a registered medical clinic or health agency to the patients’ homes. These nurses should have medical experiences and have to be licensed for performing duties at the houses of patients.

When the patients need a home health nurse?

In common the recovered patients are discharged from hospitals after physicians approve.

However, some of the patients need nursing assistance after discharge considering their recovery features.

Hence, these patients need a skilled nurse for their recovery until a certain period. In this context, the requirement of a home health nurse occurs. These nurses can have nursing assistants for their help at the homes

What a home health nurse does?

Providing medical care to the patients is an exemplary and heartfelt task by any nurse in this world. Delivering medical care at the house of the patients is another divine task for home health nurses.

The need for a home nurse arises when the person is unable to take care of themselves at the house after being discharged from the hospital. The work of the home nurse goes beyond the imagination level of a normal person besides assisting patients of old ages who have multiple ailments.

The patients range from old age people to young people who are suffering due to mental issues too.

What typical daily jobs a home health nurse does?

Even people who have multiple injuries or wounds need the help of home health nurses for dressing the wound and applying for medicine.

Other medical issues like heart problems, diabetes, immobility due to paralysis, infectious diseases, and also dementia patients. The main task of these nurses includes attending the above-said patients with extreme care by recoding their health status professionally.

They also need to give medicines to the patients on time and in an exact way. Only these nurse professionals know the method of applying ointments on the wounds and exact dosages to the patients who take in.

The other wide varieties of the nurse duties include taking vital signs and measuring their recovery status step by step. If any abnormality is seen during their treatments at home, they will immediately contact respective doctors for quick measures.

Some times, the home nurses have to draw blood from the patients for lab testing. The sample reports are properly recorded and have to send it to the respective doctors. The home health nurses have to motivate the ailing patients and their relatives periodically.

They also need to educate the inpatient about the disease and have to clear the misconceptions if any. The most important task of these nurses is to update the details of the patients daily and wait for suggestions from their employers.

At the end of their task, or after work in case the patient is completely recovered, the nurse needs to submit the medical records up to date to the assigned authority.or his superior without fail and without any error.

Duties of home nurse

The home health nurse can work in two types viz either they work of a home health agency of at homes based on their experiences without any restrictions.

The nurse needs to deliver her duties by visiting the homes of the patients on request. The job of the nurse includes delivering either part-time or full time at the house. The part-time duty is delivered by offering only essential life-saving services to the patient only for limited hours at the house of the patient.

The full-time service is the duty of the nurse serving the patient for the full time at the house. She has to take care of the patients on the whole and it is majorly applied to the old age people who are unable to move from her position.

Home Nurse’s Earning potential

The earning potential of the home nurse staff is massive because they have abundant options worldwide. The nurse can work for limited hours with a good salary under the supervision of a medical agency.

This applies to nurses who opt for part-time hours at the house of the patient. The other options are working for the full time in which the earning chance is more as per the number of days calculated.

The demand for these nurses is very high from across the globe due to the requirement. Only skilled and passionate nurses are required by manpower agencies throughout the world.

These nurses have a remunerated per hour basis and it is high when compared to other professionals.

The main reason for their high salary is due to the scarcity of nurses throughout the world.

Pros & Cons of a Home Health Nurse

Being a home nurse has both advantages and demerits as far as the profession is concerned. The home nurse has to deal with the patients so closely observing their medical signs.

Hence, they need to develop personal care with the patient so that they can deliver their duties in an exemplary way.

This personal attachment to the patients develops a healthy relationship between the nurse and patient family members.

It is taken positively by all the members of the family and hence they treat the nurses with hihg regards.

Sometimes, it is reversed in some situations because, in some places, the patient’s family requires privacy and hence they do not want the nurse to remain at the house at all times.

Education requirement for a Home Health Nurse

An individual who needs to become a home health nurse has to possess a certificate program approved by the state.

A degree program in certificate nursing and also an associate degree program are mandatory for an individual becoming a home health nurse.

Some of the technical colleges, nursing clinics, and high schools offer nurse program for aspiring individuals.

The duration of the nurse program lasts for one to two years for an individual. An associate degree and having the experience of the nurse is enough to become a professional nurse.

In a nutshell, you need:

  • A nursing diploma
  • An associate or bachelor of science degree in nursing

Once you complete the above education qualifications, then the need of obtaining a nursing licensee is a must in some countries. Hence, obtaining a nurse license by writing the nursing exam is a must for becoming a complete home nurse.

It is the preference of the registered nurses to undergo either degree or diploma courses in nursing for becoming a full-fledged home health nurses.

These programs must be approved by the medical council and state governments so that the individual can become a certified home health nurse after completing the course.

The four-year degree course is normally recognized by the medical agencies for recruiting the nurses under the category of home health nurses. Practical work at the lab is included in registered nurse education.

What you could expect from your home health nurse

Asides educations qualifications, the home nurses have to possess certain eligibility to work as a full-fledged employee at any place. The primary requisites are working at shifting timings either morning or night hours with full patience.

Good management skills and communicating skills are a must for the well-versed employee. Working independently at the house is another highlight of the home nurse.

The nurse needs to be a self-starter and adjustable considering various situations of the patient’s house conditions.

Abundant massive skills combined with judgment ability are inevitable characters expected from a nurse. The home nurses have to be very sound and alert always so that they can deliver their duties to the fullest satisfaction both to employers and patients.

Only a talented nurse explains complex medical details to other members of the family and her employer. Time management skills are very important to a qualified home nurse. This is to cope with the different working schedules at each patient’s house.

The nurses have to work effectively by managing different schedules without missing an appointment. Versatile skills are most important to become a successful home health nurse.


In general, many adults who are not medically fit and healthy expect home nurses to come to their house to help them with daily needs.

Hence, the home nurses should set their minds to tune to the expectations of the patients. Only peaceful and service motive nurses win the race in an exemplary way.

Dedication and commitment of the home nurse play a vital role in their successful profession.

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