Xiphoid Process Sticking Out After Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy

The Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy causes pain, tightness, and pressure leading to a condition called Xiphodynia. Xiphodynia may result from traumatic experiences to the Xiphoid process, acid reflux, heart disease, weight gain, or weight lifting. All of these are common things to experience during pregnancy. After a diagnosis, pregnant women will be told … Read more

Feels Like I’m Breathing Cold Air

Feels Like I'm Breathing Cold Air

You guessed it! The main culprit will always be cold weather. While it is not something to worry about, you may need to be aware of excessively cold climates. The dryness of the cold air can irritate your mucous membrane, eventually causing an asthmatic cold. The cold feeling in your airways can also be a … Read more

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