Front Teeth Pressure Sensation (6 Potential Causes)

Front Teeth Pressure Sensation

Pressure sensations on your front teeth may happen due to hard and aggressive brushing of your teeth. You may also have undergone teeth whitening where the bleach has affected your teeth enamel. In addition, you may have sensitive teeth due to acidic foods and teeth grinding. Other reasons for the unusual sensations may be teeth … Read more

Clicking In Throat When Lying Down (Is It Sleep Apnea?)

Clicking In Throat When Lying Down

There are several causes of clicking sounds in your throat when you’re lying down. These causes are conditions that may or may not be treatable, including sleep apnea, Globus pharyngeus, Laryngospasm, Catethrenia, snoring, and teeth grinding. Most people may have observed clicking sounds in their throat when they sleep or lie down. The sounds may … Read more

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