Menopause And Smelling Smoke (Changes In Smell, Taste, And Memory)

Menopause And Smelling Smoke

The hormonal imbalance caused by varying estrogen levels may be the leading factor of most of the symptoms you may have to go through during your peri-menopause. The list of the symptoms includes changes in the sense of smell, insomnia, metallic taste on your tongue, and memory loss, among many others. Women are not made … Read more

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth? Can I Crave Baby Powder?

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth?

If you have a baby powder taste in your mouth, it might be a possible result of poorly washed dishes and food, medications, brain injury, gum disease, allergy and infections, pregnancy, cancer treatment, or smoking. Some of these issues can be easily resolved by taking care of them yourself, and others might require medical help. … Read more

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