I Don’t Like Being Touched Anymore (For Young Adults & Couples)

I Don't Like Being Touched Anymore

As a young adult, your reason for not liking being touched anymore could include haphephobia, OCD, sensory processing disorder, asexuality, trauma or abuse, or not liking being touched outside of sex. As someone with a more permanent partner, your reasons could vary like postpartum depression, work stress, lost feelings, or touch equals sex. While most … Read more

Why Am I Never Hungry? (And Feel Sick When I Eat)

Why Am I Never Hungry? (And Feel Sick When I Eat)

You are not hungry because you might be facing some health issues or physical issues. For example, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, and depression can be the health issues that lead to loss of appetite. On the other hand, weather changes, aging, or change in lifestyle can be the reason for your appetite loss as well. Although … Read more

Pulsating Vein Under Eye – 7 Causes & How To Stop It

Pulsating Vein Under Eye

Pulsating vein under eye is a normal health condition that can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease but are related to your current lifestyle. Stress, fatigue, dry eyes, eyestrain, allergies, nutritional imbalance, or caffeine can cause it. Try managing your lifestyle by reducing caffeine intake, taking balanced meals, less screen time, using eye … Read more

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