Brown Specks in Phlegm After Quitting Smoking

Brown Specks In Phlegm After Quitting Smoking

It’s completely fine to notice brown specks in your phlegm within a few weeks of quitting smoking since it involves a natural clean-up process initiated in your body to detoxify. You can help yourself through this process by drinking lots of water and other warm beverages. Home remedies like sipping a bit of honey and … Read more

Does Cold Water Kill Sperm?

Does Cold Water Kill Sperm?

Sperm has a probability of dying within seconds when exposed to water, despite being cold or hot. Since the environment to which it’s exposed plays an important role in its lifespan, it may vary at what point your sperm can get killed. For instance, while water can kill your sperm within a few seconds, frozen … Read more

Tart Taste In Mouth – Acid Reflux & Other Causes

Tart Taste In Mouth - Acid Reflux & Other Causes

The tart taste in your mouth can only be explained as sour, acidic, or even a combination of both tastes can be due to various reasons. While acid reflux or GERD is a common problem for this symptom, other issues include poor oral hygiene, aging, dehydration, smoking, illness, and medications. In addition, the tart taste … Read more

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