Can You Be Born Without Tonsils?

Can You Be Born Without Tonsils?

Although unlikely, it isn’t impossible to be born without tonsils. Tonsils can also be surgically removed in chronic health complications such as tonsillitis and cancer involving the tonsils. While removing your tonsils could threaten your immunity upkeep, it has various advantages like a minimum risk of infections. To recover from a tonsil removal surgery, you … Read more

Clicking In Throat When Lying Down (Is It Sleep Apnea?)

Clicking In Throat When Lying Down

There are several causes of clicking sounds in your throat when you’re lying down. These causes are conditions that may or may not be treatable, including sleep apnea, Globus pharyngeus, Laryngospasm, Catethrenia, snoring, and teeth grinding. Most people may have observed clicking sounds in their throat when they sleep or lie down. The sounds may … Read more

Brain Shuts Down For A Second – Symptom Of Microsleep & Ways To Prevent It!

Brain Shuts Down For A Second

Experiencing a brain shut down can be scary for you don’t know what happened. It’s called microsleep, where your brain shuts down for a few seconds even if your eyes are closed due to sleep deprivation. This burst of sleep can end up harming you and those around you if it occurs in a dangerous … Read more

Help! I Woke Up Thinking I Swallowed Something (What Should I Do?)

Woke Up Thinking I Swallowed Something

Waking up feeling or thinking like you’ve swallowed something may indicate that you have a sleeping disorder. It could be sleeping apnea or REM sleep behavior disorder. Treatments for sleeping disorders may involve breathing therapy, lifestyle changes, and medications for treating anxiety. Most likely, if you wake up with pain in your throat or chest, … Read more

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