Why Pee Smells Like Popcorn -Diabetes, Dehydration, Or Pregnancy?

Why Does My Pee Smell Like Popcorn?

Your urine can smell like popcorn due to common issues like changes in diet, pregnancy hormones, or dehydration. Taking new medications can also cause a difference in our urine concentration and smell, especially if we aren’t adequately hydrated. Other causes could result from excess protein in urine or diabetes, where excess ketones in our urine … Read more

I’m Hungry And Nauseous At The Same Time – What’s Going On?

I'm Hungry And Nauseous At The Same Time - What's Going On?

Hunger can lead to nausea as a result of acidic reflux. While eating might help you get over this, there are times when you’d face a loss of appetite along with nausea. Then it would be best if you primarily focused on relieving your nausea first. The most common remedy is ginger or dry foods. … Read more

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