Can You Reverse Tooth Decay With Oil Pulling? Does It Really Work? (Potential Risks & Benefits)

A young woman is holding her jaw in pain while holding a glass of water in other hand.

Oil-pulling treatment will not help you reverse your tooth decay. But coupled with brushing twice a day, swishing oil in your mouth for twenty minutes can reduce toxins, plaque, and harmful bacteria to some extent while lowering your risk of cavities and gum disease. It doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. Brighter teeth, fresher … Read more

Are Yellow Teeth Unattractive? Is It Genetic? (Potential Causes & Preventive Measures)

Asian woman holding a paper with yellow teeth cartoon drawn on them hiding her mouth.

Yellow teeth can significantly impact a person’s appearance and confidence. Beauty is subjective, but yellow teeth are often associated with neglect and poor oral hygiene, causing self-consciousness. In addition, yellow teeth can indicate health problems like gum disease or surface staining from lifestyle choices like drinking coffee or red wine. It is essential to have … Read more

Stitches In My Mouth Are Bothering Me – Dos & Don’ts Of Recovering From Oral Surgery

Stitches In My Mouth Are Bothering Me

While most stitches last up to 7 days, the specific duration might depend on factors like the type and the number of stitches you’ve got. It would be best if you took extra precautions post-surgery, as even the most insignificant things could trigger complications. Be mindful about resting and eating soft foods while strictly avoiding … Read more

Why Is The Roof Of My Mouth Yellow? (10 Possible Causes & 4 Steps To Get Better)

Why Is The Roof Of My Mouth Yellow?

The cause of the roof of your mouth being yellow could be a simple hygiene issue or a severe underlying issue. The serious issues include oral cancer, jaundice, or canker sores. If the roof of your mouth has turned yellow, it might not signify a serious issue, but you might want a medical checkup. Poor … Read more

Tart Taste In Mouth – Acid Reflux & Other Causes

Tart Taste In Mouth - Acid Reflux & Other Causes

The tart taste in your mouth can only be explained as sour, acidic, or even a combination of both tastes can be due to various reasons. While acid reflux or GERD is a common problem for this symptom, other issues include poor oral hygiene, aging, dehydration, smoking, illness, and medications. In addition, the tart taste … Read more

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