I Feel Drunk But I’m Sober (Auto Brewery Syndrome – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment)

I Feel Drunk But I'm Sober

If you feel you’re drunk even though you’re sober, then it could be that you’re suffering from auto brewery syndrome. It’s a rare condition where your gut converts carbohydrates and sugar into ethanol, which raises your blood alcohol level and is similar to being drunk, including the symptoms. It’s not genetic but is usually found … Read more

I’m Obese – Why Is One Leg Bigger Than The Other?

I'm Obese - Why Is One Leg Bigger Than The Other?

Obese people’s BMI may exceed 30, which means they may have serious weight issues and resultant medical complications. Lymphedema, often known as fluid accumulation in the leg tissues, can be the reason behind it. The accumulation may be caused by a failure in the lymphatic system to function correctly due to obesity, cancer, cancer treatment, … Read more

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