Granuloma Annulare Coffee – Does Caffeine Worsen The Condition?

Young woman thinking about effects of coffee on granuloma annulare.

Granuloma annulare is a benign skin condition that causes small, red, or skin-colored bumps to form in a ring shape. The exact cause is unknown, but studies suggest a possible link between caffeine intake and the development or worsening of the condition. Prevention includes avoiding known triggers, good skin care, limiting caffeine intake, and maintaining … Read more

Rashes That Look Like Ringworm But Aren’t! (Ringworm Or Psoriasis? 4 Other Possible Reasons)

Rashes That Look Like Ringworm But Aren’t

Every circular red rash isn’t ringworm but can be other skin or medical conditions. It could be confused with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, granuloma annulare, Lyme disease, or pityriasis rosea. It could also be contact dermatitis, where certain things cause the skin to flare up. An autoimmune disease like lupus also shows a similar … Read more

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