Battling Diverticulitis Fatigue: Solutions (10 Possible Reasons & Home Remedies)

A woman is laying down as she feels major fatigue from her diverticulitis illness.

Your body quickly loses energy when fighting an illness caused by an infection like diverticulitis. Other possible reasons could be that you’re suffering from dehydration, lack of iron and sleep, depression, unhealthy weight, and food allergies. Others also could be because of your age, pregnancy, alcohol intake, and antibiotic treatment. Treating diverticulitis with medication and … Read more

I Can See My Pulse In My Vision (Fatigue, Caffeine, Or Carotid-Cavernous Fistula?)

I Can See My Pulse In My Vision

Various changes in your environment or lifestyle could be responsible for pulsating vision. A sudden change can make your eye pulsate, such as fatigue, increased intake of caffeine, medication side effect, dry eyes, migraine, and so on. When one focuses and tries to live a healthy life, pulsation in the eyes won’t happen. But sometimes, … Read more

When Can You Swim After Giving Birth? (Depending On Method Of Delivery)

When Can You Swim After Giving Birth?

Doctors recommend you wait for four to six weeks after birth before you start swimming. At some point, the method you use in delivering your newborn will determine how long you should take to heal. The quicker you heal, the faster you may start swimming, but it will not take more than eight weeks. I’m … Read more

Pulsating Vein Under My Eye! 7 Causes & How To Stop It

Pulsating Vein Under Eye

Pulsating vein, commonly known as eye twitching, is a normal health condition that can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease but are related to your current lifestyle. These eye spams are nothing to be worried about as they disappear on their own, just as they occur. Although focusing on its causes can reduce … Read more

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