Tart Taste In Mouth – Acid Reflux & Other Causes

Tart Taste In Mouth - Acid Reflux & Other Causes

The tart taste in your mouth can only be explained as sour, acidic, or even a combination of both tastes can be due to various reasons. While acid reflux or GERD is a common problem for this symptom, other issues include poor oral hygiene, aging, dehydration, smoking, illness, and medications. In addition, the tart taste … Read more

Is Sprite Good When You’re Sick?

Is Sprite Good When You're Sick?

Yes, Sprite helps in relieving various symptoms like vomiting and nausea when sick. It also helps when you get dehydrated or get the flu. You should, however, drink Sprite at a minimum, as excessive consumption can bring about other problems. When I was growing up, I had a terrible amoeba disease. One time I was … Read more

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