Help! I Woke Up Thinking I Swallowed Something (What Should I Do?)

Woke Up Thinking I Swallowed Something

Waking up feeling or thinking like you’ve swallowed something may indicate that you have a sleeping disorder. It could be sleeping apnea or REM sleep behavior disorder. Treatments for sleeping disorders may involve breathing therapy, lifestyle changes, and medications for treating anxiety. Most likely, if you wake up with pain in your throat or chest, … Read more

Coughing Up Clear Jelly Balls? Here’s Everything You Should Know!

A man is coughing up clear jelly balls, indicating that he has mucus build up.

If you’re coughing up clear jelly balls of clear mucus, there are several varied reasons for this excess mucus formation. Our lungs, mouth, throat, nose, intestine, and even our eyes produce mucus. For example, the nose produces about 1 liter of mucus every day. The throat and lungs also secrete mucus, keeping the airways hydrated, … Read more

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