Glycine & Sleep – Everything You Need To Know To Sleep Well

Glycine Dreams

Glycine increases sleep and sleep quality alongside other health benefits. If you wish to take a substance that boosts sleep quality with no negative effects, like sleeping pills, then Glycine will be the perfect substitute. In our current society, getting enough sleep has become a rare gem. The world today has major commitments prompting us … Read more

Baby Oil And Iodine Is It Safe?

Baby Oil And Iodine Is It Safe?

The short answer is no because iodine and baby oil as a tanning mixture are very harmful to the skin. The blend of baby oil and iodine was used to achieve a summer tan for years. Yes, it can give you a nice-looking tan but, it attracts UV rays a lot more and, they penetrate … Read more

Does Waxing Upper Lip Cause Wrinkles – Myth Or Fact?

Waxing your upper lip doesn’t cause you to get wrinkles, and it’s a total myth that needs to be debunked. There are multiple reasons why you get wrinkles on your upper lips, including exposure to the sun, pollution, not taking better care of yourself, and diminishing collagen as you age. You can wax all you … Read more

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