Does Cetaphil Cause Cancer? (Why It’s So Recommended & Info On Recent Formula Changes)

Does Cetaphil Cause Cancer?

For years, dermatologists have recommended Cetaphil because it is gentle on the skin and does not feel as harsh as other brands. But based on our research on each ingredient, we found out that they updated the formulation of their brands and opted for ingredients that are more compatible with sensitive skin. There is no … Read more

Hungry And Full At The Same Time? (4+ Causes & Treatment Of Early Satiety)

Hungry And Full At The Same Time

Experiencing a feeling of fullness after having a few bites of your meals, even though you’re hungry, could indicate early satiety. If it keeps on repeating, this can deteriorate your health in terms of unexpected weight loss and muscles and can even create a nutrient deficiency in the body. Gastroparesis is a common cause, but … Read more

Pros And Cons of Bartholin’s Gland Removal (Everything You Need To Know)

Pros And Cons of Bartholin's Gland Removal

Surgery to remove your Bartholin’s glands is actually the best option for treating recurring problems and finding long-term relief from Bartholin’s cysts. It’s also the most efficient preventive measure against cancer for menopausal women who have them. Because these glands secrete natural lubrication in your vagina, if removed, you may not enjoy sexual intercourse without … Read more

How To Sleep Better With Globus Sensation (Lifestyle Changes & Medications)

How To Sleep Better With Globus Sensation

To sleep better with globus sensation, you should keep your throat healthy by drinking plenty of fluids, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, quitting cigarettes, avoiding alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Maintaining good vocal hygiene, such as not shouting and resting throat when you are sick, will keep the symptoms of globus sensation at bay. … Read more

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth? Can I Crave Baby Powder?

Why Do I Have Baby Powder Taste In Mouth?

If you have a baby powder taste in your mouth, it might be a possible result of poorly washed dishes and food, medications, brain injury, gum disease, allergy and infections, pregnancy, cancer treatment, or smoking. Some of these issues can be easily resolved by taking care of them yourself, and others might require medical help. … Read more

Skin Peeling After Foot Surgery (Desquamation)

Skin Peeling After Foot Surgery (Desquamation)

If you have undergone foot surgery, you may experience skin peeling. This peeling is normal and occurs due to a process called desquamation. Desquamation is a common occurrence where the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) undergoes shedding and peels. After you have undergone foot surgery, it is vital to care for your incision properly till it … Read more

Painful Popping In Lower Back After Surgery

Painful Popping In Lower Back After Surgery

Pain associated with the lower back after surgery can cause worry because you may have something called failed back surgery syndrome, known as FBSS. Painful popping or cracking noises are often associated with spinal hardware, synovial fluid in the joints, bone grinding, sometimes with joint manipulation techniques, and even strain on the muscles, ligaments, cartilages, and … Read more

Hard Lump On Jaw After Tooth Extraction – Osteomyelitis (Cause & Prevention)

Hard Lump On Jaw After Tooth Extraction - Osteomyelitis (Cause & Prevention)

After getting your tooth extracted, your gums and jawbone can be sensitive and prone to infection and germs. If you see a hard lump forming on your jaw, it could be because germs were able to attack your already weakened jawbone and multiply, causing an infection called osteomyelitis. It can be prevented by taking antibiotics … Read more

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