Does Amlodipine Cause Hair Loss?

Does Amlodipine Cause Hair Loss?

Amlodipine may be one of the most common treatments for high blood pressure. However, amlodipine’s side effects may include hair loss to some people, although that happens trivially. The drug may be combined with some other medications known as ACE inhibitors that cause hair loss. Some amlodipine users may also use other medications such as … Read more

Subchorionic Hemorrhage – How Can I Heal It Faster?

Subchorionic Hemorrhage - How Can I Heal It Faster?

There isn’t any evidence supporting that eating certain foods, doing specific exercises, taking any homeopathic medicines, or doing any rituals will make your subchorionic hemorrhage disappear. Most subchorionic hemorrhage tends to resolve on their own, but worst-case scenarios do include the case of miscarriage. But, in most cases, your doctor will ask you to continue … Read more

Why Do I Have A Dent In My Shin With No Pain?

Why Do I Have A Dent In My Shin With No Pain?

About 20% of adults worldwide have experienced dents forming on their lower body at some point. This phenomenon is common due to many health issues that we may face at some point in our lives. The causes of dents signify or indicate that our health needs to be checked. Diseases that affect major organs like … Read more

Why Do I Have a Constant Urge to Take Deep Breaths?

COVID-19 survivors can face this problem for quite some time, but mostly this constant urge to take a deep breath is a sign of anxiety or air hunger. I wasn’t feeling anything close to stress, but the doctor ruled out the cause to be anxiety. I received some medications and advice on dealing with the … Read more

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